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Jan 28, 2009
I have CarPlay (wired) in my car and like it, it's a manufacturer version.

However as it's wired and the only location where the USB is, with my Xr, it's in a little space at front, the USB port is hidden right inside and means I can't really have it connected and jammed into where it should really go

As it's CarPlay I obviously don't need to see the screen on the iPhone, so a cradle is pointless really. What would be great was years and years ago (not CarPlay) had a car that you could buy a specific plastic dock that sat in armrest and charged, days before touchscreens etc in cars though!

This means for short journey's I tend not to plug it in, whereas I would prefer it had for messages, even though my car actually can read messages from the built-in head unit, doesn't with WhatsApp though.

So wondering what others in similar situations do where it's a little awkward to plug in every time. Have you ran the cable to different place, made a dock etc?

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Juicy Box

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Sep 23, 2014
Have you ran the cable to different place, made a dock etc?
For my MR2 Turbo, there isn't a great place to put a phone or anything that you want easy access to.

Actually, it is missing what most would consider basic today, no storage area in the dash, no cup holders, not even a little pocket.

Behind the seats in the middle there is a storage compartment for CDs, it is pretty big, but very hard to reach, even when not moving, so almost impossible to do while moving.

I solved both my coffee issue and my phone issue with the same thing. I got something similar to this:

I couldn't find the exact one I have, but it is similar. The center part on mine is just a slot for a older phone, but it is perfect size to fit the iPhone SE. I cut into the bottom and attached a Lightning cable to it, so when I put in the Phone, it plugs into the cable. The lighting cable is tucked under the center console, but you can still remove it easily when needed.

I also mounted a plastic Starbucks cup in the cup holder, because the holders were not deep enough to hold anything taller than a very small cup. I use put my drinks into the plastic Starbucks cup, and it is the most secure cup holder I have ever used.

It doesn't look beautiful like the rest of the car, but it adds functionality to it.


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Jul 3, 2011
On my 2019 Ford Edge, the USB connection is behind the door (arrow)... I place my phone upside down in the little cubby just in front of the cup holder (square). Works for me... but I agree with the others, they've got some real idiots designing the interior of cars these days.

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Jul 31, 2013
This is the interior of my Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport (well close enough, i have a different central display and my is not as clean due to a young child and a dog!). The USB connection is under the central arm rest so i plug a cable in and have a small amount hanging out from the front to plug in and then place the phone upside down in the small cubby hole in front of the arm rest. Leaves the two cup holders in front of the gear stick free for use if need be.

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