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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SuperMiguel, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I currently have 4 lines with ATT 3 iPhones and 1 android, and i have a 10GB plan, our bill closes on the 25th and we already used 9.5GB so we probably go over this month... So im thinking that for around the same amount of money i can go to Sprint and get unlimited data... Are there any drawbacks for doing that? like anything hidden on that att unlimeted data? is it like tmobile's that after 500MB it becomes really slow?
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    No, no hidden issues. However, I would highly suggest to you that you check out

    Sprint is right in the middle of it's Network Vision rollout. They are in the process of replacing ~38,000 towers with new LTE equipment. Sprint launches a market as having LTE when it's marketing department determines that 40 percent of the population of that market has LTE.

    There are several things wrong with all of this. First, the marketing department is running the show. They err on the side of deception. Second, markets noted as launched are not COMPLETE. Third, because of Sprint's almost criminal plan of deployment, vendor laziness and the lack of fiber-optic backhaul Sprint is about a year behind in the entire rollout.

    So, while Sprint says your area may be covered by LTE it may not be. This is why I suggest If you are used to having LTE and your area is not covered it may come as quite a shock to you to be stuck on 3G that because of the old equipment and congestion usually only reaches speeds of 0.5kpbs on a good day. Even if your area DOES have LTE, because of the rollout you may be subject to the same type of 3G speeds I just described, dropped calls, spotty service, text messages that do not go through, missed calls and messages and unuseable data.

    Further, the Sprint corporate culture is highly prone to lying to you to get a sale. They will happily tell you that you have LTE in your area, sell you phones and then demand ETF once your 14 days have passed, if you want to leave because you found out you DON'T have LTE!

    Do your homework. Always go IN PERSON to a Sprint store. If you have a face and a name it's harder to be lied to. Some faceless person over internet chat or the phone can't be tracked down. Get everything in writing.

    That said, understand that the new plans (I'm on an old plan that has been discontinued as of last month) while they do not restrict you, will start sending low quality video after about 1GB of data used. Sprint calls it optimization.
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    Just stay away from Sprint. I finally left earlier this year, after about 8 years with them. Believe what you just read above ... its very accurate! I moved to T Mobile, its great here in Phoenix, and getting better elsewhere all the time.
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    You might want to check out tmobile in your area first. The 500MB isn't the only option, they do also offer the full truly unlimited data as well. Plus you can have AT&T unlock your current phones and just take them over to tmobile without having to buy new phones. With Sprint you would have to buy all new phones and likely have worse coverage.
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    T-mobile in my area is pretty good zip 33614, wow its way cheaper than other companies... Hows is their LTE compared with ATT? and is their unlimited really unlimited?

    Also with ATT i have 4 lines, my ECF is around $800 :( is there a trick around that?
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    Drawback back is going to be Sprints CDMA network. Not only are they far behind on their rollout their 3G network is crap.

    While you might save a buck you'll nearly immediately realize why unless you are extremely lucky.

    At least consider t-mo but in any case AT&T is going to be tough to beat in terms on service quality.

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