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  1. n13k macrumors newbie

    Jul 15, 2012
    Hello i was wondering if anyone using this forum could help me. I recently attempted to unlock my iPhone 4 and now it will not accept any sim card.

    I am not very technical and don't understand alot of the terms used in the threads here but i was shown a couple of videos from youtube on how to first 'jailbreak' my phone and then 'unlock' my phone and i followed them to the letter.

    I did everything correctly to my knowledge, using 'Snowbreeze' to jailbreak it and then 'Ultrasn0w' to unlock it. Everything appeared to have gone well but then when i entered my new sim (On giffgaff network) it said 'No Signal' in the top left corner. I then re entered my old sim (On Orange network) and again it says 'No signal'.

    I then looked at my phones settings and it now says 'Carrier - Not Available' and 'Network - Not Available'. Both had said 'Orange' before my attempt to unlock my phone.

    I have since uninstalled the Ultrasn0w 5.1.1 fixer and Ultrasn0w itself and reinstalled it and still nothing. It is currently again uninstalled.

    Does anyone know what i might have done wrong from this description? If anyone needs further information please let me know and i'll do my best.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Apr 16, 2008
    At the iPhone hacks section.
    Ultrasnow only unlocks the iphone 4 baseband version 01.59.00
    If you have any higher version than that you cannot unlock it with ultrasnow.
    Dont believe all the junk you see on youtube, most of them so called video tutorials are fake.

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