Carrier Unlocking and Carrier Logo Question

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by intz2nu, Sep 16, 2017.

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    Looking at pre-ordering the X once pre-orders go up and given this is my first Apple iOS device I had a question regarding carrier logo upon boot-up. Could someone tell me if when powering on the phone if it will have the carrier logo upon starting? Also I'm wanting to do a carrier unlock from AT&T where they send you a code to unlock your device, would this be successful and streamlined as with an Android device? And last thing if the phone was unlocked by carrier if there was the carrier logo at boot-up will this remove it?

    Sorry if these questions come off as a bit odd but I've always purchased my devices outright and its always been unlocked versions direct from the manufacturer so I was curious as to how things would be with the new X or any iOS / iPhone for that matter.
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    There are no carrier modifications to iOS locked or unlocked. Also the unlocking process is pretty simple.
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    iPhones don't need codes. It's all done on Apple's servers.
    The carrier notifies Apple to unlock your IMEI and they do it.
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    There are no logos, short of the name in the top-left corner (not present on the iPhone X). Other customisations such as preloaded Safari bookmarks and an entry in the Settings menu will not go away with an unlock, but are rather tied to the SIM; if you change SIM then these entries will change to appropriate ones for the new provider (you may need to do a reset to get Safari to change; I don't have another SIM handy to test this).

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