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    I hope this is not way too off-topic. I'm moving to Germany for a period between 6 to 12 months. I have an unlocked iPhone 5. I have questions for our German friends or anyone who's had similar experiences with german carriers.

    - Is it easy to get a monthly contract if you have just arrived in the country? I'll be full-time employed in a Hospital and can provide proof of income.

    - If not and I have to go the prepay route, do German carriers offer nano sims? Or will I have to cut my sim?

    - What carriers would you recommend? Most of the use will be data, so at least 1gb or unlimited data would be ideal. Also, do carriers limit VoIP? A good chunk of my communications will be through Facetime video/audio and not always from home (where I'll have wifi..).

    thanks a lot.
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    I live in Germany (not a German) and can provide some answers for you

    --> Getting a contract is very simple in Germany. Getting out is a pain. Minimum Contract period is 2 years & unless you don't cancel the contract 3-4 months before the first contract expires, it will auto renew. Breaking the contract means pay full amount and get out. Of course for a contract you need to have an account in local German bank

    Yes, you can get micro/nano sim. Cutting costs 10 euros. Just did min for the iPHone 5s
    There are lots but only T Mobile & Vodafone has LTE. O2 is coming up with LTE in next months. Here there are other companies who sublets from big players like Debitel, Base, etc.

    Almost all are same except for the cost. You might need to check the following the provider websites

    my adivce: Think twice before signing the post paid contract. BTW if you get any phone on contract they are NOT locked as per regulations unlined the US
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    thanks a lot :=)
    That website looks good, I'll have a look!

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