Carrying Macbook Air in panniers?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by GanChan, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I've been carrying my Chromebook in my bicycle panniers, but I'm tired of the device's limitations. Would my Macbook Air be robust enough to stand some minor bumps and vibrations from fairly well-paved roads? I imagine my backpack would give it a smoother ride, but my back is screaming at me to stop carrying things on it.....
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    pending how long your commute is, having it in the pannier seems the better option since you mentioned having possible back complaints...
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    I have been commuting with a hybrid bicycle 9 miles one-way to and from work for 7 years now. Mostly dirt roads or very cratered paved roads. During the first two years, I carried an IBM/Lenovo in the panniers (Jandd, Topeak) on my bike. No problems but heavy. During the subsequent 4 years, I carried a MBA in the panniers without any incident or problems. I used a Booq sleeve. Crashed a few times on ice in the winter. No problems. Rarely, I have carried MBA in a backpack when using my road bike to commute. Not very comfortable. Much better to have the bike carry the weight.
    Eventually became tired of the minimal weight of a MBA, so I bought a Mac Mini for work and stopped carrying the MBA on a daily basis. Now carry MBA only when needed. BTW: dropped my MBA at work on hard floor and it suffered severe cosmetic damage but no functional damage. I think you are good to go.

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