Case buyers Beware! 30-Pin adapter issues-My Story

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by trlyka, Oct 12, 2012.

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    Dec 26, 2011
    I went to Best Buy to return my Black Incase slider. I didn't like how hard it was to take off and actually quite difficult it was to put on. I could see it being an issue when I get my screen protector. So I decided to swap it for a black Speck Candyshell. So I leave the store and get in my car and go to plug in my old iPhone car charger with the 30-pin adapter and it won't go in! The Speck case has a small opening just big enough for the lightening cord, but the adapter has to have an opening in the case like the iPhone 4 charger. UGH :(

    So I go back into Best Buy after losing my 1st spot parking spot :roll eyes: and start looking at other cases. iFrogz? Ok, maybe. But my Mom has the iFrogz and I have had them before and I was looking for something different. Nothing thrilled me, but I was looking at the Speck Grip online which is why I went with the Candyshell. It's a nice case IMO and I didn't want bulk, but wanted some drop protection. So anything lean, or feather or whatever case manufacturers want to call their least bulky case, was not an option. Nothing had an opening big enough except a light case or the iFrogz. As I'm talking to the Best Buy guys, I decided I would just use the extra USB lightening cord I bought and put it in the USB of my AT&T car charger. Well, wouldn't you know that didn't work either. Not sure if it was a faulty USB on the car charger or what. So now I'm sitting in the car annoyed and trying to decide what to do. It's nearly 6pm, I haven't eaten all day and I felt like an idiot walking back into BB. What choice do I have? Well, I can get a case that will work but may not be what I want, or I can spend more money on a Rocketfish cig lighter to USB adapter. They wanted $29.95 for it. I really did not want to spend more money today, but they gave me 20% off. I think they knew I have had enough. Before BB, I had gone to Apple about a couple of things for my phone which turned out to be no big deal, plus I bought Applecare for 2 iPhones and my Macbook Pro. That was close to $600 in one day! But I think Applecare is worth it and my Macbook was approaching the 1 yr mark come Christmas.

    So, the moral of the story is....don't expect to be able to use your old car charger with the 30-pin adapter if your case has a small opening. I think the iPhone 5 car charges are supposed to be out mid Nov.?? Or at least other manufacturers will have them I think.

    Sorry this was so long, but I hope this helps anyone who is looking at certain case and want to be able to use the 30-pin adapter in the car.

    As I'm sitting here, I just realized my Audi iPhone connector that I need the 30-pin adapter for isn't going to work unless I remove the case. Damn! :mad:
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    Nov 29, 2011

    You had me at lost the first parking spot at BB!!!!!

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    OP, I'm going to give you a little friendly advice, make your point and get on with it. Brevity is best for forums. I stopped reading when you were talking about losing your 1st parking spot. What did that have to do with 30 pin adapters? I am curious what the issue with the 30 pin adapters is, but please rewrite your original post. Give me the good stuff and leave the fluff out please.
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    Sorry everyone. It was just a long and disappointing afternoon. Guess I was partially venting. Bottom line, the 30-pin adapters won't fit a case with the opening only big enough for the lightening cord because ithe 30-pin adapter has the same width as the old iPhone chargers. The small opening stops it from going in all the way. There....Happy now? :p
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    Return the $29 30-pin adapter you bought and by the $39 one with the 20cm cable attached to it. Works great and will fit almost any case (unless it has a very tightly cut cable port).
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