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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by elaniemay, Feb 15, 2012.

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    Oct 11, 2011
    California, USA
    I am so sick of buying cases for this phone.

    Can anyone recommend a case that does NOT affect flash (and yes, I have the new Commuter and it does affect the flash slightly) and isn't super thin? I don't need something the size of the defender; I want something with drop protection, lay on the table protection, and has zero affect on the flash or focus of the camera.

    I currently have tried:
    Incipio Feather (too thin and don't like the rough edge on the bottom)
    Otterbox Commuter (loose silicone, rough edges on silicone, mild flash problems, charging port cover never sits flush)
    Speck Candyshell (this one fits the bill, I just really dislike the way the silicone sloughs off)
    Switchyeasy Capsule Rebel X (my favorite case, love the extra grip, not a ton of bulk, perfect port covers...but it heavily effects flash and focus so it's a no go)
    Marware Eclipse (*huge* effect on flash)
    Incipio Silicrylic (just sort of a blah case and it effects flash pretty badly)
    Amazon Basics clear TPU case (meh...)
    Some random bumper (not into bumpers)

    As you can see, I've tried many different kinds of cases to see what I like. I had a Defender on my iP4, but I just hate the front screen coverage and it is a bit bulky for me. Thoughts?

    Edited to add:

    Yea I know there are a million threads on cases, but I have combed many, many threads and often see people write "it affects the flash, but I don't use it much so it's fine with me." That makes that case pointless to me. Having a hard time finding one that doesn't have a negative effect on the camera. Even the Magpul is said to have flash issues.
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    Jul 5, 2010
    I love the PixelSkin HD from speck. While its not too thick it does provide drop protection and a great lay on the table design. its also very easy to get in and out of the case. No flash issues as well.

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