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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by warwithwords, May 19, 2010.

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    I just purchased an iPad to use in class taking notes (well, that's not the only use, but still...), and I'm really overwhelmed by the variety of cases out there. Are there any that you may recommend for fitting in a stand? I'll be taking the iPad back and forth from school to work every day and would like some protection, but at the same time, I'd like it to be thin enough to fit in a stand.

    Based on the previous threads, I'll probably use the Bluetooth keyboard as opposed to the keyboard dock because of its thinner form factor.
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    Personally, I like the folio style cases that you can use as a stand to type, as well as, a case. I don't find typing on the iPad bad enough to need to carry a bluetooth keyboard around with me...

    The best one's from my research seem to be the Apple Case or Yooboa off of ebay. The Apple case collects dust and is hard to find, and the Yooboa requires some modification because it doesn't have an flap to hold the iPad in. Also, personally I don't like black leather with white stitching.

    Other one's too look at are Dodocase (bamboo and foam corners might not wear well, long wait time), Marware Eco-Vue (doesn't have as good of an angle for typing as Apple Case or Yooboa, bulky, exposed corners), Macally Bookstand (exposed corners, Macally seems to have some problems with fraud)

    If you want a skin and a stand then TwelveSouth's BookArc might work for you or the official Apple Dock. Though, I'm not sure if either will work with a skin. More likely, it would be easier to find a skin with a cutout for a stand.

    Right now, I have the $5 Kensington Sleeve off of Amazon, a Power Support Anti-Glare Film on the front, and I've ordered a Bestskinsever film for the back. I'm trying to find an Apple Case in the store because I don't want to wait for one...

    I carry this around with whatever else I need in my STM Alley Bag.

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