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Discussion in 'iPad' started by onthecouchagain, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Important update for anyone considering this case. Casemate has emailed me saying there's a problem with the magnets causing the cover to put the iPad to sleep when its folded all the way back and flat. Avoid for now until they update this problem. They are offering full exchanges or refunds to those who want it.

    Thought I'd share my impressions. Here's the official website:

    This coupon code will knock off 20%: CM10-AK20

    My thoughts:

    -Impressive. It's thin and light. The "Magic Tape" (very Apple-ish of them to call it that) adhesive is very secure and simple to use. I've taken my iPad off once after attaching it, so it's definitely detachable with enough pull. And as promised by the website, it doesn't leave any sticky residue or marks on the back of the iPad. Re-stuck it back on no problem. There's a pic of me holding the case up by it's sleeve and letting the iPad hang; the adhesive is very strong. I can't imagine any instances where it'd "slide" or "tear" off.

    -The magnets and links all work as they're supposed to (waking/sleeping, it's all there), and the "open-ness" of the edges gives full access to all the ports and buttons. I appreciate this especially for the speaker; it doesn't block sound at all. All the positions stand and hold up well.

    -The best thing, though, has to be the fact that the iPad can just exist. There are no visible holsters or clips or clasps, which gives it a really clean and sleek look. That's what drew me to this case in the first place.

    -My only concern is that this is obviously a very minimalistic design, so don't expect it to offer too much protection against big drops and whatnot. I also wish there was a "back magnet" when the flap is fully opened all the way, because sometimes when just holding it up, the flap hangs in the back (much like the Apple Smart Covers).

    Well, check out the pics, and if anyone has questions, fire away.



    I love how the iPad just exists without holsters or clasps:


    Held it very confidently while trying to take the photo:

    Access to all ports, buttons. Doesn't obstruct speakers at all:



    -Lightweight and thin
    -Comfortable in almost every position
    -"Magic Tape" very secure and reliable
    -Love that the iPad just "exists" without holsters/clips
    -Don't expect too much protection from big drops

    Would recommend if you're looking for minimalistic, light and sleek design.
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    Awesome. I'm looking at this case and have a couple of questions.

    Does it look floppy or sloppy when it's closed. It sort of looks like that in the pictures. Also, do you think you could use a back skin with it like best skins ever?
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    The magnets hold very well when closed. If anything it looks floppy when opened all the way flat to the back because there are no back magnets to hold it opened. It can actually get a little cumbersome to use when in that position but I noticed I'm rarely using the iPad in that way so isn't a major peoblem to me personally. In fact I think the iPad is too heavy to hold up for long periods of time. It's usually propped against something so the cover is in the "rolled up" position.

    I can't say for sure a skin can be added but I honestly don't see why not. The skin in theory oils be adhesive to the back of your iPad then the skin would be adhesive to the "magic tape". If I'm understanding that correctly then the skin should be okay with this case. That's one of the benefits of having the magic tape as opposed to holsters and clips.


    Yes it does.

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