Case Review(s): Yoobao Rev2 (black leather) and JoyFactory SmartSuit2 (black)

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by dmcgoy, May 20, 2011.

  1. dmcgoy macrumors newbie

    May 20, 2011
    Some specs:

    Yoobao (black, leather, rev2): 187.4 grams
    JoyFactory SmartSuit2: 213.7 grams

    Yoobao: 1.7 cm or 1.5 cm when pressing down (soft leather)
    JoyFactory: 1.5 cm (listed at 0.97cm - obviously measured without the top lid)


    I got the Yoobao case from AYL at Amazon. Nice leather smell, with a hint of chemicals. Very nice soft leather. Solid stitching. The case feels wonderful in the hand and adds little weight or bulk.

    After a couple weeks of use though, some annoyances have popped up: 1. The lid doesn't stay in place when upside down 2. the audio jack and mic holes are off center 3. it's difficult to get the flap into the back slot to enter "stand mode" and 4. (not the case's fault) I'm annoyed with having material around the face of the iPad - it's difficult to brush off grit/hair/etc.

    I just received the SmartSuit2 from Overstock today. I knew it wasn't leather before I ordered it - but wow, the case description is just wrong. It uses the word "leather" all over the place without mentioning that it's fake. Sketchy. The case feels slightly heavier and thicker than the Yoobao - I was surprised to find that it was actually thinner than the Yoobao. I attribute this to stiffness of the SmartSuit2 versus the soft leather of the Yoobao, which gives when you hold it.

    The build quality is OK. I don't get the sense that this case will wear very well - the pleather seems kind of stiff. It has a very strong chemical odor. Hopefully that will fade soon. There is a (fake?) suede on the inside - however it doesn't cover the two right corners (just bare plastic). This may cause scratching? I'm not hugely concerned since the iPad will get scratched somewhere on the aluminum casing unless you wrap it in baby seal fur in a bed of down feathers.

    As has been pointed out elsewhere the edges are partially exposed (the four corners are covered). This doesn't look too nice aesthetically, but from a protection standpoint, probably not a big deal. I have an OK track record with my toys and don't plan on dropping it. I want a case that 1. makes the iPad look more like a folio, 2. reduces the chances of scratching and 3. be a stand. This case does those three things.

    It doesn't feel nearly as nice in the hand as the Yoobao. (My ideal case would cover more of the back than the current SmartSuit2 design, have a grill instead of an opening where the speaker is, and be coated in soft leather. Some sort of Yoobao/SmartSuit2 hybrid.)

    Also, it's not as stealthy as the Yoobao, which looks a lot on quick glance like a leather notebook. The pleather, exposed edges, and small bits of shiny plastic are to blame.

    The case lid of the SmartSuit2, unlike the Yoobao, stays in place even when held upside down. Neither case triggers the sensor when the lid was flipped around the back.

    For now, I think I'm going to return the Yoobao, because of the hole misalignment and the (surprising) annoyance of having the bezel partially covered. I'm enjoying the more stable lid and open bezel of the SmartSuit2, while missing the soft leather of the Yoobao. The Yoobao case is worth the $40, in my opinion. Hopefully a Rev3 will come out with better magnets and hole alignment. The SmartSuit2 seems overpriced at $60 - it feels more like a $30 case to me. But there's nothing else like it so far (right?).
  2. Jovani.ivan macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2011
    Hey there dmcgoy,

    I'm wondering if you have any followup comments to make about the case you reviewed. I've recently purchased an iPad 2 and hate just about every local case that I can find.

    I am on good terms with a local mac resaler and am looking to recommend a case for them to distribute, one which I would also want to buy.

    Lastly, how are the magnets holding up? I would like the closing clasp to be relatively strong. I dont want the iPad to be waking up in my bag on my way to school or something like that!

    Please let me know what you think and thank you for your time.


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