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Jul 31, 2015
Hey there...thinking of getting the Rhinoshield crash guard or using a screen protector...or perhaps both. Any suggestions? There's also this case which looks good (see attached).

I thought I heard that there are no good screen protectors out there...


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Nov 1, 2020
I had something like this from Spigen.
The screen layer interferes with the touch screen. Wasn’t responding like it should.

also the case went a little bit on the back of the watch, and this gave me some annoying pain on my hand and wrist.

I bought the Spigen ultra thin case.
Minimal design, doesn’t give me pain anymore. And went to the local phone fixer here, who put a “nano shield” on the screen as he called it.

he had a special printer, put in 40x40 mm, and had it cut out.

the edges of the watch are rounded a little bit, so the protector came of in 1 specific corner. But with the Spigen case holding it down, it works like a charm.
Next time I ask him to cut it 39x39 mm or so.

But I am very very happy with this.


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Dec 30, 2014
I received the Rhinoshield Crashguard and don't like it mostly due to the difficulty in accessing the Digital Crown. It makes the 44mm watch even bigger on my wrist. It's nice though since I don't worry about bumping the watch..but last night, I was messing with the watch and can't really turn the digital crown very well.

My coworker recommends the Spigen thin fit too. But I'm not sure if that one (or any other cases) impedes the Digital Crown a lot..

I was looking at the Misxi one before but ran across one reviewer that mentioned you get a lot of glare with his case.

Not sure if I want to get a case anymore. I did also receive a set of screen protector so maybe that'll be adequate for me..


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Nov 1, 2020
With the Spigen thin fit, you can access the crown withouth any difficulty.

I have the interface inverted, so the watch on my left arm has the crown away from my hand. I can turn it withouth any difficulty, with my right thumb.

the button is easy accessible and clickable as well.

it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the watch.

I don’t like to have my phone and watch unprotected, because a scratch is easliy
Made by accident, and it can ruin my whole “fun” with these things.

so especially with the watch I tried and tested multiple cases and protectors, and above is the combination I am absolutely happy with 😊

every couple of days I take the case off, and clean the watch and case with a wet wipe. And its good to go!

edit: I really like Spigen cases and things for the phone and watch. But every case with a protector in it, is the worst invention ever. I bought a Spigen with screen protector 1 hour after I purchased my watch. The bad responsiveness from the screen was making me really upset with the watch, and to be honest it took me some time to realize the watch was working perfect.

but this extra layer on the Spigen case was the cause.
I tried the rugged armor, tempered glass protectors ( that is just crappy tape, with a black frame,multiple brands also Spigen) its just a lot of crap on the market.

if I recall the protector that the phone fixer put on it, is from the brand “celly” or Cely.
its not hard plastic or tempered glass, it doesn’t feel like glass, it feels like a softer material.
if I scratch my nail slightly on the screen, the imprint will disappear after a few minutes.
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