Case that leaves room near headphone jack?


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Dec 11, 2011
I use my iPhone for music a lot, probably more than using it as a phone. I plug it into my car stereo a lot via AUX but from what I've seen, most cases don't leave much room for fatter aux plugs. I don't want to take off the case and plug in the cable and put the case back on when I'm done.

You guys have any suggestions for me?

I was leaning on the Otterbox Reflex, but the headphone issue killed it for me :(


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Oct 29, 2011
Most of the thinner phillips branded ones can work. Use them (come in pairs) with my massive ATH-M50s' plug.

Though they may not be giving the "level of protection," that you are looking for (assuming, since otterbox).

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