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    So far I've tried the Incipio Frequency and the Diztronic TPU case. I really liked the Diztronic, but I couldn't get over how still it made the power/sleep button. I used an Apple bumper on my 4S and loved how the buttons were designed to give the same resistance/feedback as a naked phone. Are there any cases out there for the 5 that has a similar setup?
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    Well, if you liked the iPhone 4 bumpers, this is probably what you want as far as overall look and feel goes:
    Neo Hybrid EX Snow series (white/silver or all white):
    and Neo Hybrid EX Vivid series (yellow/black or all black):

    SGP has added the Neo Hybrid EX Slim range, which besides being thinner also comes in a lot more colors.

    Here is a thread that has some more bumpers that might fit your bill.
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