Cases that work with clear back skins (Zagg, BSE, BodyGuardz, etc.)?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by iNole, Jul 14, 2011.

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    Obviously, things like the smart cover will work with clear skins for the back but what about shells, folios or other case designs? I am using a BodyGuardz with a smart cover around the house but am looking for another option for when I take it out and about. I don't just want to use a sleeve because I am looking for something that might offer a little drop protection but is not too bulky. Suggestions appreciated :)
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    Sena Zipbook or Verizon Slip Case

    I'll mention the Sena ZipBook case simply because (a) it's a great bargain at under $20 and (b) it's a bit different.

    The Sena Zipbook is high quality leather. It fully encloses the iPad in a folio style case with a zippered closure. Very elegant and professional. Has a kickstand on the back secured with a metal snap that allows viewing of the iPad in landscape mode. Works with either the iPad or the iPad 2 and would easily work with a back skin or even a polycarbonate back case.

    Not designed to support the iPad 2 sleep/wake feature though a small, flat refrigerator style magnet could be mounted in the front cover to provide that functionality if it's important to you.

    There are other, more functional cases out there, some made by Sena, in fact. But you won't find a case of high gloss leather (with true suede interior) and the complete protection provided by this case at anything less than three times the price. The $20 price, by the way, is for black leather. The case also comes in red and brown but I cannot find it in those colors at the same price.

    As for your specific requirements, it's not a bulky case. In fact, there's virtually no room in the case for anything other than the iPad. It will hold the iPad with the SmartCover attached, but that's sort of pointless since you'd have to remove the iPad from the ZipBook to lift the SmartCover or carry it in the case with the SmartCover folded over the back.

    P.S. If you want the case, I'd suggest getting it quickly. I suspect it's being discontinued (though it can still be ordered directly from Sena for $100.)

    An even bigger bargain is the Verizon leather/nylon slip case that's mentioned on another thread on this forum. It's less than $5 and well worth the money. Not nearly the same level of protection as the Sena, nor nearly as elegant, but a very good deal.

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