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Mar 24, 2010
You can share the excitement with your friends, and enjoy the real Roulette experience everywhere you go.
Now, the pleasure as you play in Casino can easily be found from iPhone and iPod Touch via download the game.

Free Download via

Features 1. Multi-players mode is supported.
2. Save and store each value money.
3. Beautiful 3D and lifelike screen.
4. Simply to use and understand.
5. Free Money and a sign-up bonus.
6. Based on American-style roulette game rules.
7. Experiencing both American and European roulette games. (for full-version users)




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Apr 29, 2016
Unfortunately, the first and the second links don't work. Are you still here? Trying to find some reliable sources for my 5S, but can't. Only spammy forums happen. This one is nice, but this thread is too old..
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