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Sep 20, 2005
New York (not NYC)
How can I make old cassette tapes into CD's? I have a stereo which lets me go in reverse and record tapes from CD's, however how do I go from tape to CD? Any way using my iBook even?


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Take a line output from the cassette player or the receiver (NOT the speaker output!), and use a 2xRCA to mini stereo plug cable to put it into the line in of your Mac. Use a program like Audacity or GarageBand to capture the sound, then burn it to a CD as audio files. Importing the tracks into iTunes is a convenient way to assemble and burn them.

The next step up is to get an interface, starting with the Griffin iMic for about $60 and going up from there, which can get you better conversion quality.

The iMic has some convenient software called Final Vinyl for importing music.