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    We are proud to announce the first public release of Cassiopeia for MacOSX. Cassiopeia is a scientific wordprocessing and database-based document management system featuring

    * scientific word processing with focus on content
    * a keystroke based equation editor
    * a symbolic algebra system with automatic equation simplification
    * a 2D graph module
    * a simulation module
    * management of documents in a relational database
    * a bibliography repository
    * multi user system for co-editing in a group
    * LaTeX export for printing
    * HTML export for WWW publishing

    Get a first impression of what Cassiopeia does and how it works by checking out the following URLs:

    Cassiopeia can be downloaded from our website Trial keys enabling all features are available for free. Get your personal (trial) key here

    Detailed installation and setup instructions can be found here:

    After installing the product begin with

    and then work through the other guides reachable via the documentation link on our website.

    If you encounter any problems or have questions regarding Cassiopeia do not hesitate to contact us at We will be happy to assist you. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


    Acrux GmbH - Advanced Science Subdivision

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