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    Jul 25, 2015
    Hey guys, there's been some discussion in this thread about games that are optimal for Mac. I think I've got one here for you that's pretty optimal and brand new.

    intro shot comic book.png

    So how popular are room escape puzzle games? Do you enjoy them? Want to try a new one?

    My team has developed Castle Breakout - Escape! HD. And what I think's unusual about our game is that it's 27" on a 32" iMac which is VERY large. The image scales down to fit the screen as needed, so on a MacBook 13" Retina it will fill the screen and honestly ALL the 700+ images are in Retina. It has over 100 stereo sound effects for doing things. And is full of 12 different full length songs that are very beautiful.

    I would be happy to get feedback from you guys on the game... as this is currently unfinished. We have made the Mac OS X a trial run. We honestly have a HUGE upgrade in the works, which has taken about 9 months. So in about 4 months you will see an entirely new app.

    But still for now it's pretty amazingly fun. So I'm curious what do you think?

    here's that link...

    If one person downloads it - since this is MacRumor's... I'll tell you what's in the works...!

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    Jul 25, 2015
    a HUGE thanks to someone in Germany who downloaded the app yesterday!! Thank you!!

    So now, I'm letting you in on what's next...
    • animated animals that are interactive and integral with the puzzle itself
    • an animated dragon finale - fly on the dragon's back throughout the castle grounds = super killer ride.
    • two 3D comic books
    • zoom in on 27" images
    • haptic feedback (everything you touch is labeled)
    • and more...!
    Sound good? Keep playing guys and gals!

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