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    Feb 14, 2008
    Anyone know of any good cataloging/indexing software for Mac that is web-accessible (doesn't need to be Internet, just intranet)?

    Basically, what I need is this:
    I'm attempting to setup a document cataloging/indexing system for a law firm. The firm has dozens of different clients and dozens of different cases per client. I would like for the organization to have four levels:
    • Master Index (all documents received and/or sent)
    • Client Indexes (a subset of the Master Index, sorted into separate catalogues/indexes on a client-by-client basis)
    • Case Indexes (a subset of the Client Indexes, sorted into separate catalogues/indexes on a case-by-case basis)
    • Type Indexes (a subset of the Client Indexes, sorted into separate catalogues/indexes based on document type)
    • Miscellaneous (some of the type indexes will require further refinement, nothing shoudl exceed five levels)

    Each of the catalogues/indexes needs to contain different information (though some information will remain constant, such as client and case number). Basically, the Master Index will contain basic information about the document and each subset of that Master Index will contain additional, more specific information pertaining to the documents located in that subset.

    As for the web-accessible part: I need the system to accept input from a web browser (for various reasons, one being the number of Dells in this office). The system also needs to be able to display the information in a web browser.

    If anyone has any ideas about software that may be able to do would be greatly appreciated. (As a side note: find the software and you earn Apple a MacMini sale! ;) )

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    Feb 14, 2008
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    Apr 25, 2007
    Some Ideas

    Hey Zyniker,

    From what you want I think you'd be better off going down the database path. I'd look at Filemaker - which should have all the functionality you need.

    Cataloging on the Mac is a bit frustrating. I'm using Opditracker which suits me - just cataloging archive discs for myself.

    Another one I found is CD Tracker - bit more powerful and $$$ but it had a lot of functionality - just none I needed.

    Perhaps you can use one of the programs above to scan the discs then import that info to Filemaker. Opditracker doesn't seem to spit out a readable file type but CD Finder might.

    Good Luck!

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