Caught On Tape: Trooper Chokes Medic

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    OKLAHOMA CITY (CBS/AP) In Oklahoma, a trip to the hospital turned into a fight between a police officer and an ambulance paramedic as a sick woman waited in the ambulance. Now two new videos, one released by the son of the sick woman, and another taken from the officer's dashboard cam have brought new focus on what really took place.

    The original event occurred May 24, when Oklahoma Highway Patrolman Daniel Martin pulled over the ambulance after it failed to get out of his way quickly enough. Martin then cussed at the driver “I ain't going to put up with that (expletive)."

    Paramedic Maurice White Jr., who was tending to the patient, jumped out of the back of the ambulance. White tried to explain there was a sick woman in the ambulance and suggested that they settle the dispute at the hospital.

    In a video released by Kenyada Davis, the son of the sick woman in the ambulance, Martin then appeared to choke White. White pushed at Martin and ran back into the ambulance.

    Once the fight broke up, Martin spoke to the driver privately at the front of the ambulance and then returned to the rear of the vehicle and poked his head inside to tell the patient she would be taken to the hospital soon.

    Another altercation broke out on the opposite side of the ambulance after Martin walked to the passenger-side window and told the driver: “You're going to jail, you understand me? You are under arrest.”

    Martin eventually let both paramedics continue to the hospital and later issued a written warning to the ambulance driver for failure to yield. The local district attorney reviewed the case and declined to file charges against either man.
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    That cop certainly has anger-management issues, as well as an over-inflated ego and sense of importance.

    Or should I say, "ex-cop."
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    I please this is a repeat of a story already posted.

    that or the news is re running the same thing again.

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