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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by grayson30, Jun 9, 2019.

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    So let me preface this by saying I have a 15" rMBP from mid 2013... it's an i7 with 16 gigs of RAM and 2.3 GHz... it's served me so well for over 5 years. From editing videos on AfterEffects, (and many Creative Suite programs) to handling my downloading random files off the web and leaving it there for my 4 years of college. I recently cleaned it up quite a bit -- deleted many files, bought 2TB cloud storage, and let practically everything on my hard drive live there. Yet, of my 500 GB hard drive, I always only have around 100 GB available.

    The system apparently is taking up 250++ GB. I brought it to Apple... did diagnostics, ran MalwareBytes, had many support phone calls (which were very helpful for in some ways), and they told me that it was basically the Operating System. Which is odd... it still runs like a champ, and I love it. I don't want it to bloat so bad though and I want to get to the issue. Besides that, it's just really big. I wanted to go for something more casual and light.

    I saw that Best Buy was having a sale on the very base model of the Macbook. Initially, I thought that I would go for the spec'd out version of the MacBook if I got it, so I could use it as a viable replacement for my rMBP. But after looking at the Geekbench scores, every 12" Macbook, regardless of specs, scores significantly lower than my 2013 MBP. So I thought, for $899, I couldn't pass it up, especially with the talk of it being discontinued soon. The employee tried to talk me into buying the Pro, but I didn't care. I know the Pro has more power and is newer, but this thing is so cute and such a joy to use.

    I initially thought I wouldn't download Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator and I would just use my faster MBP for those things. I don't use these apps that often, perhaps I use Photoshop a bit more... but I figured... why not try it out. So I opened iMovie, InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop at the same time. At most, I would only have two of these open, on very rare occasions. It opened them all at the same time very smoothly, with some blank projects open and pictures. It didn't just combust, or freeze, as I expected it to do. I ran Geekbench on both of the Macs, and the multicore score of the 2013 MBP is more than double that of the MB. I can't really tell that much of a difference though.

    After downloading those three Adobe Creative Cloud programs, only about 45 GB (and I don't plan to download many more applications) was used on the 250 GB hard drive. I wonder why my MBP's system would take up more than the entire capacity of this computer. I know that the MBP's system requires more memory than the 12" MB, but it is very not proportionate. I don't know what to do about it, and I also don't know what to do to prevent my system bloating here. Would appreciate some insight on that.

    By the way, I love the keyboard, and I am getting AppleCare+, because I'm not putting a case on it and I see that a lot of you have had repair issues that are Apple's fault. I figure if I just buy it now, they can't charge me very much to fix things within the three years, which I don't plan on using this for more than three years.

    Anyway, oh my gosh do I love this thing. I just had to say how happy I was about it. The Air is nowhere near as sexy as this, and I'm so glad I got to experience buying it firsthand if it is discontinued soon. It is nearly perfect for a great deal.
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    You could try an app like Daisy Disk, which shows you what is taking up space on your hard disk. If you backup your iOS devices those backups can take up a lot of space. Also, what operating system are you running? I can’t remember which OS release it was that introduced local snapshots if you use time machine, but those take up a ton of (recoverable) space..
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    The OS is supposed to realize when the snapshots take up too much space and delete them. But at least in one instance, this wasn't the case for me and I had to manually delete them.
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    I agree with most of your comments. But I can’t imaging putting down $800-900 and expect a machine to not run for more than three years due to the eventual keyboard issues (especially when this machine is $1200? Originally). I mean my 2011 MacBook Pro is still running everything I need just fine. Has the reliability of Mac gotten so bad that we are okay just getting a couple years of life out of these machines? I have been eyeing the MacBook for the last couple month and I just can’t pull the trigger due to keyboard issues and such. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the older Mac machines.
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    I got mine sealed new same month they released for $1050 from someone who got it as a gift but didn't want it. The MacBook wont just disappear. its a good seller. Obviously Apple is dependent on processors made by someone else. Personally id wait for a new one to come out since the 2017 isn't super smooth like the Pro versions for basic tasks.

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