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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by alec6542, Nov 24, 2012.

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    Jan 16, 2012
    Hi guys,

    So I am trying to configure CCC so that whenever I run a backup of my hard drive, it updates the image file on the external drive to the current state of my hard drive, and NOTHING ELSE. In other words, I don't want it archiving "old states" of my hard drive. I still want it to do incremental backups, only that all previous "increments" are deleted, so that when the backup completes, the image is strictly a copy of hard drive at the time of running of the backup, and no traces of previous backups are present, if that makes sense?
    If so, then what options would I need to configure? This is my guess:
    Assuming we start off with the default configuration of the program, these are the changes I think I should make:
    "Files and folders that are only present on the destination should be <<deleted immediately>> (default is moved to a temporary archive folder)
    Files that have been modified since the last backup should be <<overwritten>> (default is moved to a temporary archive folder)
    and under advanced, "Remove files on the destination that I have excluded from the backup" should be CHECKED, while the other three options should all be unchecked.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for reading! :)

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    I think if you have chosen the option to have the files overwritten then the previous versions of the backup will be removed.
    I have tried Carbon Copy Cloner.
    I actually have a hard time figuring out the best tool for backing up and I certainly do not want to use Time Machine.
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    You are overly complicating it a bit. Just pick your source and destination then select "Delete anything that doesn't exist on the source..." and it will do exactly what you are after. Once you get it set you may want to click "Schedule this task.." and save it so you don't need to reconfig each time.

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