ccPhone by Tobias Wong


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Mar 9, 2002
From quite possibly my favourite... artist and the fella that bought you the $25,000 Warhol gift wrap.

MoCo Loco said:
CITIZEN:Citizen is constantly questioning the value of, and our relationship to, objects. In the vein of commenting on mass culture and mass consumerism, Tobias Wong's latest creation, exclusively for CITIZEN:Citizen has just come out.

The matte black phone, titled ccPhone, is limited to an edition of 50. The ccPhone is constructed from an iPhone. This phone is jet black and its matte surface gives a sense of awe.

The ccPhone comes with a curated series of information. Artwork for the screen, video, a selection of music and, possibly the most intriguing of all, CITIZEN:Citizen's personal address book in v-cards, which will be updated twice a year.
The price of such exclusivity... only 2000 bucks!!!

Matte black limited edition ccPhone by Tobias Wong.


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Jun 16, 2004
I think that the very existence of both, offers the potential for a somewhat involving debate about the purpose and value of art.
Very true.
Whilst I'm appreciative of most art. Painting an iPhone black doesn't warrant a $2000 price tag and calling it art, when another company charges $149.

But there are people with more money than sense who will buy these "pieces of art"...


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Nov 1, 2007
but colorware

colorware only offers black in a super high gloss finish. i much prefer the matte carbon black finish....more stealth.
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