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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by apachie2k, Nov 26, 2006.

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    i have a CD mbp matte, my buddy just got a new C2D mbp matte...
    mine in comparison looks worse, scrreeen wise... is it cause his is just better or mine is really dirty.

    so if it is dirty, which it prob. is regardless of if my buddies is better, what is the best way to go about cleaning the screen?? the best product???

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    I think we'd have to see in order to tell whether or not its just a dirty screen. As far as cleaning the screen goes, I use simple water and a paper towel. I've heard mixed reviews about a product called kleen screen which is supposed to clean your screen without damaging it. Don't use harsh chemicals like Fantastic, or something like that as it can damage your screen in the long run.
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    I wouldn't use a paper towel if it were me--the paper dust will collect around the edge of the frame and be very difficult to remove. I'd use a lint-free eyeglass wipe or an alcohol-free wipe (or iKlear). Lots of people love to praise microfiber, but they don't care for it properly and it eventually becomes abrasive as a result.

    If you do get dust or lint trapped along the edge of the bezel, a fine painter's brush (never used for paint, of course) is helpful to keep on hand.

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