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Oct 27, 2003
Hi all,
I am having a hell of a time with my CD-DVD super drive. Yesterday while I was burning a DVD, my system, froze up. Then after I rebooted, my system didn't recognize my super drive and wouldn't eject the DVD. I booted up in OS X and 9.2, but still nothing. After reading some posts, I just shut the system down for a while, and when I booted it back up my DVD ejected and the system recognized the drive. But now, any disc I put in won't mount, and it just gets ejected. I recently installed OS 10.3 on the OS X partition, but have since used the drive without problems. But, maybe there's something going on there. Please help!

What I've got:
G4 867 MHz Silver
OS 9.2 and OS 10.3
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-103

What I've done:
Checked for firmware updates
Reset the PRAM
Tried multiple CDs and DVDs

Thanks in advance.


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Aug 22, 2003
I have a super drive on my 1ghz G4 iMac and I have also had this problem recently. When i first installed 10.3 cds would mount, but after i tried to burn a cd I can't get anything to mount. Its really pissing me off, My 30 dollar CD player from walmart 10 years ago still works....

EDIT: When I tried to burn the CD, it spun until it was scratched like a vinyl record


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Jan 22, 2005
My iBook shipped 2.5 years ago with a faulty combo drive. It still scrapes disks like it did from the beginning. I am able to use the drive but I can't play or burn disks while moving in a vehicle or moving from room to room. If I do this while I have a disk in the drive it is sure to scrape the disk. I installed Panther in the car from coming from the store about 1.5 years ago and the installer froze and one of the install disks was scraped. I tried installing it again but it froze the installer again. I had to exchange it the next day because the store was closed. I was excited but wasn't able to use Panther until the next day. The install on the new disks went fine because I had the computer stationary during the installation.

It is too bad to hear that others are experiencing similar issues. I expected better disk drives from Apple :(
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