CD loading/importing problem

Discussion in 'iPod' started by distancekillsme, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Jun 22, 2007
    I upgraded to iTunes 9 and everything has been running fine as I can tell. However, I'm having random problems while importing CDs. They will be importing just fine. Then randomly when I stick a CD in, iTunes will recognize it, but when I hit the, 'Import' button, it just takes me back to my library, and iTunes (and my computer) act like there is no CD in my drive. It will eject just fine (most of the time), and I can stick it back in where it will import just fine. Is anyone else having this problem or know of a fix for it? Just hoping it's definitely a problem related to iTunes 9 and not my relatively new computer.
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    Sep 25, 2006
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    Jun 22, 2007
    Definitely sure. It will import about 3 or 4 CDs just fine, then randomly one will act up. I put that CD back import it and several others, then another random one will act up. Repeat, etc.
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    Also having CD loading/importing problem

    To All -

    1st please allow me to apologize for intruding. I am not a Mac user I do have 160gb an iPod classic of which I love its now 2 yrs old. I use Windows iTunes v9 to upload my huge CD collection, but recently, I have been having similar problems uploading copyrighted CDs for 2009. No problem with older CDs, but random difficulty with just released CDs. Is there a possibilty that there is a new anti-privacy software being used by the recording companies? Just a random thought. Thank you for allowing me to intrude the MacRumors Forum.
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    There were some CDs that were installing rootkits a few years ago in Windows, and otherwise being unsavory, but they were pulled off the market and Sony (minimally) shamed for having done it in the first place. So... hmmm...

    (1) Have either of you tried playing the same CDs in any program other than iTunes on your computers, and do they work? (Or for the OP, are there any discs that consistently don't work, or is it all seemingly random?)

    (2) For the discs that intermittently work... it might be an issue not of dirt but either scratches or dynamic imbalance. The surefire way to tell that dynamic imbalance is that the drive will get a lot louder as it reads the disc. With scratches, you might try one of the various tricks like putting car polish, etc, on the disc to get it to work (basically you put the stuff on the disc, wipe the excess off, then wash the disc; just enough stays in the scratches to make the disc work).

    You might also have a bad drive and it might be worth taking it to Apple if the problem is reproducible enough that you can show it to them right at the Genius Bar.

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