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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by greganpace, Nov 21, 2011.

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    Aug 9, 2011
    2009 white macbook. I tried to insert it and I don't even think it recognized the disk. have tried all the recommendations I have found on MR, restarting, terminal, etc. It just does not show up anywhere on the computer. I have seen a couple of people mention a manual eject button inside the slot, but I have not seen anyone describe where to find it. I don't want to break anything grinding around a credit card or paper clip without knowing what to look for.
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    Aug 9, 2011
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    if it's a white macbook, there is no manual eject button. What worked for me (after several attempts) was to use the corner of a fairly stiff business card while holding the eject button, or raising the keybed (base) of the laptop to a 45 degree angle so that when open it looks like a letter 'V' on the table, and then holding the eject button. It takes some effort, but eventually you can get the disc out.
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    My friend had a CD stuck in her 17" iMac for over two years. It would spin and the motors would grind away but it would not eject. Tried everything. Finally out of desperation (and with much trepidation) I took a piece of super-sticky duct tape and folded it around a credit card sticky side out of course. Inserted it in the CD drive slot and pushed hard to stick it against the stuck CD. Slid out the credit card and gently pulled the duct tape out. The CD came right out with it! Surprisingly she then wanted to try another CD in the drive, it went in and played and ejected normally. Must've been something weird about that one gold colored blank CD??? Anyway consider this a last resort if all else fails.
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    So I took it into a simply mac store and the tech removed it with a sticky thing. He said he could check the drive, but I would have to check it in. Since I am a student, I need the it until the semester is over. I decided to check to see if the drive would accept the CD, not intending to put one all the way in if it didn't. Now the drive has something blocking the CD from going in any more than half way. Is there some kind of manual switch that would prevent it from going in that they hit or is it broken?

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