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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by TheBeastman13, Aug 9, 2014.

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    I recently recorded a wedding, and the DJ gave me a CD copy of the vows and ceremony he capture via a lavalier mic.

    I have been given the CD, but my MacBook's optical drive is broken and spits out DvDs or CDs.

    My only choice is to go into my dad's office and load the CD onto his HP desktop and open the file. When I go to copy the audio track from the :E drive and paste it to my flash drive, the copy of the track will not open on my MacBook with I plug my USB in.

    The track file is a .cda

    This is my first time trying to do a work around. Any thoughts on how to properly get a copy of the file off the CD via the Windows-based desktop and have it work via USB on my MacBook so I can edit the wedding video?
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    You need to rip the track from the CD. Use iTunes to rip it to an audio format.
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    The .cda file is a Windows bodge to make CD tracks appear in Windows Explorer. It doesn't really exist.

    Best to rip the CD to an audio file then copy to the USB drive. iTunes or Windows Media player would do it.
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