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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by .JahJahwarrior., Jun 23, 2009.

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    This ever happen to anyone else? AT&T wants me to pay $15 for calls I made to Europe. Supposedly, I made four calls and talked for a total of ten minutes. I never called Europe, but they refuse to not charge me for these calls.

    Is there any recourse in situations like this? My phone call log goes back to 7 days before they said I made the calls, so I can't prove with my phone that I didn't call Europe. I'm positive the sim card has never been missing, so who else could have called europe on my account?

    After dealing with T-Mobile crap for a month, I switched to AT&T only to be screwed over by them in the first month of my contract!
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    If you are being truthful......

    Ask to speak with someone in the Customer Relations department.

    Explain that you switched to AT&T from T-Mobile, and now you feel screwed.

    Ask them why they would want an unhappy customer that will either:
    1. cancel their contract, or
    2. go back to T-Mobile (or another company) as soon as it's over,
    all over a measly $15?

    Be calm. Be polite. Express your frustration, and point out that it's not specifically that person that you are angry at, it's AT&T.

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