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Dec 31, 2011
Just got an iphone 12 pro. Sometimes my cell connections drops and won't come back on until I restart the phone. Any idea why this might happen? Not sure if it is an iphone setting (I haven't changed anything) or something to do with my carrier (Verizon). Just strange that it says 'searching for network' and will continue to say this until I restart my phone.

Taz Mangus

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Mar 10, 2011
Have you tried, Settings->General->About to see if there is an carrier update? Other things to try, Settings->Reset->Reset Network Settings, also try force LTE only and see if you still have a connection issue.


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Oct 22, 2007
I have to report that I had this problem too (found this thread in the 'already being discussed?' display).

This past weekend, I travelled from the Midwest to the West Coast where my husband was sent for work (low risk, since we're both vaccinated). I discovered quickly that when moved from my home location to the coast and then back to the West (Colorado) for a connecting flight, my phone would not acquire a cellular signal until restarted fully ("no service" was displayed).

Toggling Airplane Mode did not resolve the issue and no carrier settings update was available.

I know that some report that resetting network settings can resolve issues like this, but since it loses all saved credentials, I'd like to check whether there are any other known solutions for this problem. Still, if it happens again I'l do that.

I'm on T-Mobile and the phone was purchased outright from Apple, so there is no carrier lock. Mobile/cellular data roaming is turned on. iOS 14.6 is installed and I do not have a beta profile and have never installed a beta version on it. Unfortunately, I didn't toggle LTE only, but I did have a 5G signal when cellular data was working.

Interesting that the original poster here also has a 12 Pro. Could be a weird glitch with that model. Mine's a 512GB, for what it's worth.
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