Cellular Usage Data Hack?

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    Jul 9, 2011
    In the Cellular Usage section of the iPhone settings, I see that Call Time and Cellular Network Data usage statistics are reported in this interface only on a "since the last reset" basis. I am wondering if one were to dig deeper into how the iPhone records this usage data, might we see more specifically on a more detailed time scale of say month-to-month how much voice and data was used on a per month basis?

    The reason I need this information from my phone is because I am considering switching to a different phone carrier. Presently I've been a customer of StraightTalk since September 2012; however, I recently saw an ad for a service like ST called "Consumer Cellular" that basically works the same way ST does, but they seem to offer cheaper rates. Granted CC doesn't seem to offer an unlimited plan like ST does, but I would guess that the amount of voice/texts/data that I use is probably consistently low anyways. I already tried asking ST if they could supply me with my usage statistics, but they simply said they aren't able to do that. I suppose because their plan is unlimited and thus perhaps they don't bother to record customer usage statistics.
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    My take is, Pre-paid plans don't give u those nice things like calls logging.

    But is simple enough, go ahead and do a reset now and 30 days later u will have some idea. Do it for a few months to get an average.

    No magic bullet.

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