iPod Centrios ipod shuffle clone


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Sep 19, 2003
Canada, eh?

Was shopping at a "The Source" (formerly RadioShack Canada) store and came across this. Same price as iPod Shuffle 512 MB, but with OLED display, FM tuner and voice recorder. Otherwise, looks and feels pretty much identical.

I almost bought one, too, but realized that it wouldn't work with iTunes nor iTMS music in AAC format.

This is what the Shuffle should have looked like (well, with a nicer interface)... :)

... and it's available in white, pink and blue! :D


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Nov 11, 2004
not bad looking at all
most of the PC-clone stuff looks horrible but this is kinda cool
I personally like the Sony ones with the cool display and 3 second charging time


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Jul 14, 2004
I've been seeing this on the internet frequently and thought I should comment. There are so many ugly things about the design of this product: I mean, the clickwheel has been changed just enough to not attract legal attention but it's also been changed just enough to look unattractive. The large gap on either side along with the uneven looking play button are cheesy.

I think the biggest flaw of the design is the placement of the screen. They placed it as though the shuffle were a regular iPod with the wheel in relatively the right place. But I feel like the proper place for it should be on the other end of the wheel, where the lanard is (flip the wheel). It would be much easier to use that way. Also, the black rim and **** quality screen shows just why the shuffle doesn't have a screen in the first place. If you can't make it simple, elegant and unified than why bother?
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