CEO says Nokia brand could disappear within 10 years

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    Microsoft is putting the finishing touches to the $7 billion purchase of Nokia’s phone and tablet wing. This leaves Nokia to go on separately doing whatever else it does.

    Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, when asked about the future, reckoned that Nokia as a thing could vanish in the next ten years. That means that the new Lumia devices could well be the last ever Nokia devices.

    Elop said: “What we have to decide is what the brand will be. Because we have not decided what brand will be dominant for smartphones, that’s work that’s still ahead. And of course the way we’ll go through that process is to assess with consumers what they respond most positively to, what conveys the best message and the best hopes of success.”

    “Microsoft as a company, of course, has many brands: Xbox, Office, Surface and a variety of others. We have brands like Lumia. So we’ll need to decide what the next step is from a branding perspective. There are hundreds and hundreds of millions of people who are familiar with and use Microsoft and Nokia technology, literally billions of people between the two companies. And I suspect that somewhere in there amongst all of those purchasing decisions there’s something that we can tap into.”

    So there you have it, the potential erasing of one of the most iconic names in the mobile phone universe (primarily for their indestructible 3310s and for introducing the world to Snake).

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    Wasnt that long ago when it appeared Nokia was untouchable in the mobile world.
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    Microsoft would be smarter to keep the Nokia name, IMO. It had a good rep for a long time.

    Since Nokia seems to be in the dumps like Chrysler was a while back, Microsoft should hire back the Nokia R&D staff they laid off, and let them do whatever they want with special Nokia models.

    Who knows, they could hit on something really cool.

    Maybe with Ballmer out...
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    Shouldn't that be, Stephen Elop, former CEO of Nokia?
    I believe the current CEO is Risto Siilasmaa.

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