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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by tildesley, May 7, 2012.

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    hi all

    dunno if you'll know, is there an app for the iphone that allows you edit standard photo's you take, so that the picture becomes black & white monochrome but you can select a certain area that remains in colour. like say i took a picture of a rose, leave the petals red, the rest flipped to black & white.

    i'm sure it exists, probably in varied forms but describing it to a search engine is difficult

    any help, much appreciated.

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    May 3, 2009
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    Check out ColorBlast. It's the best of the apps I've found that do this. It locks on to whatever color you touch and will only bring out that color until you lift your finger. No more zooming in and carefully trying to paint just the areas you're interested in.
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    There are several apps that will do this, but you're probably thinking of ColorSplash
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    I have done this with both Filterstorm and PhotoStudio. For this one feature, I'd say I found PhotoStudio to be much more intuitive. To wit, once you've selected the photo to operate on, you tap the "Color Splash" button at the bottom of the screen, and now your photo is in black and white, and you're ready to start "painting" which areas should show in color. As you paint, the original color appears. Did you go over the lines? No problem, you can repaint colored areas in black and white.

    Filterstorm may be a little more powerful overall for post processing. But for this task, after you've selected your photo, you have to go into the filter list, and select "black & white". On the next screen, you tap "Apply and Paint Color", and start painting where you want color. But, instead of seeing original color as you paint, you see a light pink color. Once you're done painting where you want color, you hit the "done" button, and the original color appears. Does it look right? No? Then start over. It should also be noted that there's noticeable lag in the painting process in Filterstorm.


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