Cerulean Headset for iPhone


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Aug 6, 2007
now those look cool
if they are used on an iphone they dont need that little reciever thing? am i correct?


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Jan 8, 2007
The CERULEAN F1 is expected to work with the iPhone in headset mode. Sadly,
our current information is that the iPhone will not support the A2DP
Bluetooth profile required to stream stereo audio to the CERULEAN F1 so the
ability to listen and then take a call will not work using the iPhone
alone.*However, we have been told the CERULEAN TX will work with the iPhone
and you will be able to use it to stream audio from the iPhone to your
CERULEAN F1 Earphones while also pairing with the iPhone in headset mode.

So it seems that the F1 alone won't catch streaming music from the iPhone because of the lack of A2DP support but if you get the TX (transmitter) it should work. I don't think they sell the TX alone though. You might have to get the TX +RX combo.