CES 2010: TV Hats and iPigs

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    CES isn't complete without unique and out-of-the-ordinary products to complement the more mainstream gadgets. Beyond finding accessories that enhance the functionality of an iPhone or iPod touch, like mophie's marketplace magnetic strip reader or one of the new iPhone infrared remote accessories to be released soon, we found a few that will suit those with more unusual tastes.


    Probably the oddest iPod accessory we came across was the As Seen on TV Hat. The hat has an extended bill that can hold your iPhone, iPod touch, or other media player at a reasonable viewing distance and small curtains to provide an environment suitable for watching videos in a variety of lighting conditions. This strange accessory costs $19.95, comes in cap or visor form and includes a neck protector.


    The latest iteration of Speakal's iPig docking station and speaker for iPod/iPhone was on display, putting out much louder-than-expected sound complete with touch-sensitive ears to control volume. The $139.99 iPig is compatible with just about every iPod and iPhone model, though it will not charge the iPod shuffle. Speakal also offers this speaker/dock combination in other animal incarnations and shapes as well, including a panda, a ghost and more, all in a variety of colors.

    Article Link: CES 2010: TV Hats and iPigs
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    Mar 1, 2004
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    I heard for an additional $4.95 the TV hat comes with an eye pleasing model under the age of 40.
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    That hat is retarded.

    The pigs are kinda funny though.
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    Sweet Apple Acres

    They can not be serious. Is it April 1st already? :D

    I LOL'd at the video on the website for the hat, with all those people sat there with massive bills, like a poor attempt at pretending to be a duck.

    Kind of a neat idea, but with very limited private use as it's not worth getting mocked for the rest of your life for wearing one :p
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    Jan 29, 2008
    hopefully speakal will get better distribution for the ipig/ighost this time. I wanted to buy my wife a white ighost for christmas but couldn't find them anywhere.

    They're supposed to be surprisingly good quality audio for what looks like a generic 'gimmicky' dock.
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    I wonder if the iPig will have wings in the marketplace.
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    Cute products

    Speakal has some cute products. I agree that the blue ghost (or "iBoo") looks pretty cool. They also have a few products in development that are interesting.

    NOTE: the iPig link in the article isn't correct. If you care, use http://www.speakal.com/ipig.html without the %22 instead
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    The video is really funny - its definitely one for wearing at home though. :D
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    The iPig is actually REALLY good. I bought one as a present and was really surprised how good it sounds. A friend got another one to use an an ipod dock but ended up using it as the main speakers for her mac mini..

    I'm not sure if that's minimalism or not, it cuts down on clutter and wires and replaces it with a cute plastic pig. They come with a nice little IR remote too, definitely recommended.
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    If I had seen this hat before Christmas, all my people would have recieved one. You always need that lame $20 gift. They should work on that logo...it looks a 3 year old drew the Jesus fish.
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    Dec 23, 2009

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