CES 2014: Orbotix Announces 'Sphero 2B' Smartphone-Controlled Robotic Toy

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    Orbotix, the company behind the smartphone-controlled robotic ball Sphero, today announced its next-generation toy, the Sphero 2B. Unlike the original Sphero, which was spherical in shape, the Sphero 2B features a rugged, tubular two-wheel design.

    According to Orbotix, the Sphero 2B is able to move up to 14 feet a second, making it twice as fast as the Sphero 2.0, which debuted in August 2013. At 14 feet a second, the Sphero 2B can travel a mile in just over six minutes. Like the first Sphero, the Sphero 2B will connect to an iOS device via Bluetooth LE, and is controlled with an iOS app.

    The Sphero 2B will offer customizable tires and accessories for a personalized driving experience, and along with an array of multiplayer games, the 2B is fully programmable.

    Thanks to its design, it is also able to make quick turns, pull off tricks, and tumble over uneven terrain. Much like the Sphero, developers will be able to create a variety of apps and games that will interact with the Sphero 2B.

    Sphero 2B will be available in the fall of 2014 for $100.

    Article Link: CES 2014: Orbotix Announces 'Sphero 2B' Smartphone-Controlled Robotic Toy
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    Classic CES... not available until Fall. I'm thinking about the xmas that was 10 days ago, not the one a year from now which is when this is coming out.

    Lots of time for better/cheaper similar things to come out. Everyone should learn from apple and their product announcement timings.

    I'm looking for a robot body I can hook my iphone up to that can cook my dinner. Impress me CES!
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    For people using sensible measurements: 15.36 km per hour..
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    The raw specs might be better, but it's a little more conventional design, and that's what was so special about the Sphero.
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    1. I love these kinds of toys!

    2. I hate these kinds of trailers! Get to the actual product in the first second, please. Only your own internal employees will be moved by the useless drama.

    3. Six-minute mile? That thing will be out of Bluetooth range in .014 seconds!
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    A rolling coffee can. How quaint. 2014 and this is where we are. Mehx10
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