CES 2016: Kenwood and JVC Introduce New CarPlay and Apple Music Systems

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    In addition to Pioneer and JBL, Kenwood and JVC have announced new aftermarket CarPlay systems at CES 2016. Kenwood's new CarPlay receivers build upon its existing eXcelon lineup, while JVC's flagship KW-V820BT model is the brand's first CarPlay-enabled multimedia unit.

    Kenwood's lineup of 15 new multimedia receivers feature upgraded processors for improved stability and faster startup, a new graphic user interface, and customizable aspects like shortcuts and background wallpapers. Regarding CarPlay, Kenwood mentioned the total number of models that support Apple's system has been boosted from four to eight, "encompassing the four new topline models across KENWOOD and KENWOOD eXcelon."

    JVC's new CarPlay-supported KW-V820BT model​

    For the JVC model, the company noted that its KW-V820BT system has been upgraded with high-resolution audio playback, three sets of 4-volt RCA outputs, and a built-in, 50-watt x 4 MOSFET amplifier, which JVC said makes the new experience "an ideal factory radio replacement." All of this is in addition to CarPlay, which will grant users the usual array of access to Apple's ecosystem of navigation, phone calls, and music, all with a connected iPhone.
    In addition to CarPlay support, JVC also announced integrated service with both Spotify and Apple Music during CES this week. After communicating with a connected iPhone, Apple Music subscribers will be able to access all of their saved playlists, radio stations, and songs on the new JVC system. Although Spotify will be made available on all of the company's systems, Apple Music will see one exclusion on the KW-V620BT model.

    Article Link: CES 2016: Kenwood and JVC Introduce New CarPlay and Apple Music Systems
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    I still see nothing in regards to Wireless CarPlay! So disappointed since Apple announced it like a year ago
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    I came here to ask the very same question. So there are NO Wireless Models from anyone. How about all the 2016 New Cars with Car Play. Are any of them Wireless? If not, anybody know what it normal these days regarding "mounts". Do you have to manually plug in your iPhone and just lay it somewhere? Just interested in how nice the connections are.
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    Sounds a bit odd if they don't have the wireless options ready... But might not be a massive problem, as I use the time in my car to charge my phone anyway
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    Why is everyone so hot and bothered for wireless?

    First, having to plug in a single wire and putting the phone away is not a big deal. The car is probably the only place where a short wire would not bother at all.

    Second, you shouldn't be playing with your phone in a car anyway, focus on driving! What exactly are people doing that a single wire is getting in the way so much with CarPlay?

    Third, don't you want to charge your phone while in the car?
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    1) I'm guessing you don't have kids. My morning, I make a stop to get coffee (4 minutes in the car), I make a stop to drop my kid off at daycare (10 minutes in the car), then drive to work (15 more minutes). I COULD leave my phone plugged in the car while i'm out getting coffee, dropping off my kid, etc.., but I use my phone to buy my coffee and i might want it when i'm dropping off my kid in case I have to add something to my schedule, etc... I also don't want to leave my phone in the car in view in case I tempt someone to break in my car and take it. I end up listening to the radio because plugging and unplugging my iPhone becomes tedious.

    2) This is the point, right. If you could leave your phone in your pocket, and not have to fiddle with taking the lightning cable out, connecting, etc... and it just connected automatically (like the bluetooth phone answering thing does in my car), then that's a MORE hands-free experience, not less!

    3) I don't drive long distances and my commute usually doesn't involve traffic (luckily enough) so I don't need to have my phone plugged in.
  7. Menel macrumors 603


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    20min commute doesn't need a charge. Phone shouldn't even need to leave pocket! The idea is NOT playing with the phone while driving.

    But still having traffic conditions on screen.
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    I agree with you on the subject, for the most part. I generally want the power hooked up to my phone when I'm in the car for charging purposes, and I don't find it a big hassle to plug the phone in. There have been, however times when I am only in the car for a few minutes (like a quick trip to the coffee shop) where I would just as soon leave my phone in my pocket, rather than pull it out and plug it into the lightning cable.

    Still, a nice to have rather than a gotta have.
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    I'm happy to see more options coming out for this. I have had two Pioneer units (my first one was stolen) and they are buggy as Hell. In fact I almost went with the Kenwood the second time around, but the fact that they didn't have it in stock, and I would have had to wait to get it was a little bit of a decider in going with the Pioneer the second time. I regret that decision now.
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    If you don't have CarPlay and just want to use Bluetooth with your phone, and find the Apple Music app to be less than stellar in the car, check out Harken. It's got a car friendly interface to for the music already synched to your iPhone or iPad. See the developer's website here: bit.ly/jamminapps
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    I have 3 kids and I thought lack of wireless would be an issue too. However I find it really isn't. I plug it in and put it in the center console and I don't need to touch it. It charges every time. Every once in a while it would be nice to leave it in my pocket but those are times I usually don't need/want to use it anyway because they're short distance errands (corner market). Wireless certainly would be convienet but something that isn't needed to wait for I've found. The wired connection is solid and sounds bloody fantastic thanks in part to the high quality DAC I've got in the Pioneer head unit.
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    Volkswagon reportedly was stopped from introducing wireless carplay at this year's CES. My guess is that most of the third party companies have wireless but weren't allowed to discuss it until Apple introduces it.

    It will be nice to know, though.

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