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Apr 12, 2001

Netatmo, the company behind products like the Welcome Smart Home camera and the Personal Weather Station, today announced its latest product, a smart outdoor security camera it's calling Presence. Presence is able to detect and distinguish between cars, people, and animals using a deep learning algorithm.

When installed outside, the camera can let home owners know if there's a pet in the yard, a car in the driveway, or a person loitering outside the house. It is smart enough to be able to tell the difference between objects, alerting users with smart notifications if something unusual is detected. Most security cameras are not quite as sophisticated and are only able to detect motion.


Presence includes infra-red night vision for monitoring in low-light conditions, and it has an integrated smart floodlight that comes on when needed to capture bright color videos even in the middle of the night. The light can also be used as a motion-activated light to deter unwanted visitors. It has a 100 degree field of view, a 20 meter detection range, and it is weatherproof.

Like many security cameras, Presence uses smart zones to filter out common movements. Users can select specific areas for monitoring, such as the front door or a backyard gate. Whenever motion is detected within a smart zone, Presence will send an optional notification. Presence stores data locally on an internal Micro SD card and is able to transfer recorded footage to a personal FTP server.

Netatmo's aim is to make Presence easy to install, so it is able to connect to an existing outdoor light socket. Once installed, it connects to a user's home Wi-Fi network and is able to stream live footage over an encrypted connection to an iOS device using the accompanying app.

Netatmo plans to begin selling Presence in the third quarter of 2016. Pricing has not yet been announced.

Article Link: CES 2016: Netatmo Announces 'Presence' Security Camera That Can Detect Cars, People and Animals
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Dec 29, 2006
No way this thing is 100% accurate even after learning.
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Jun 27, 2007
I wish the camera had a bit wider field of view for the front and back of my house. We had a string of burglaries on our street earlier in 2015 and all of them were entering through the back. One of them when my wife was home running our daycare and saw the men come through the trees at the park across the street. She foiled the attempt with a call to the police—they only broke out the back window before running away—but it really freaked her out. I installed a high-power flood light in the back after that and small window alarms (we already have a steel pole on our sliding door). The flood light has gone off while eating dinner and I went outside to a guy running away into the woods behind my other neighbor's house. We live on a cute little street in a fairly low-crime area, but we have a park across the street with lots of trees and the park kinda wraps around into my backyard with lots of trees and brush. So this might be a necessity.


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Apr 20, 2012
Budapest, Hungary
I think this has the chance to be a great product. Detailed notification about what circles around your house make a lot more sense than just a simple "movement detected" message. I do not really care about birds eating on the patio or a squirrel or cat running through but if a car stops or a person approaches the door. I would not worry much about accuracy, as I know the technology is there to distinguish people from animals and vehicles even in low light. Not only by their shape but rather their movement and behaviour. But will see how Netatmo's algorithm works. :)
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