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CES 2016: ZENS Announces Apple Watch Power Bank and iPhone 6s Wireless Charging Case


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Apr 12, 2001

Wireless charging accessory manufacturer ZENS today announced two new products focused on wirelessly re-charging the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch. The ZENS Apple iPhone 6/6S Battery Wireless Charging Case includes a 1650 mAh battery pack that the company states will provide an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s with at least one full recharge throughout the day. Users can take advantage of the case's wireless charging with any Qi compatible inductive charging base, which ZENS also sells on its website.

For those who want to stick with wired charging, the new case also supports the traditional method via Micro USB port at the accessory's bottom side. ZENS also promises that the Battery Case has precision cutouts for all of an iPhone's major inputs including volume rockers, lock button, and home button.

The accessory company also announced a charging dock for the Apple Watch, called the ZENS Apple Watch Charging Bank. The small, brick shaped charger provides the Apple Watch up to four full recharges on one of its full battery 1300 mAh battery charges. The Charging Bank doesn't require Apple's first party charging puck and instead uses ZENS' inductive charging technology with an included Micro USB plug to keep the Apple Watch topped off.

While both products were announced at CES this week, they won't be available for purchase until March. ZENS did confirm that the iPhone 6/6s Battery Case will retail for EUR69.99 (~$100.00) and the Apple Watch Charging Bank will cost EUR49.99 (~$70.00).

Article Link: CES 2016: ZENS Announces Apple Watch Power Bank and iPhone 6s Wireless Charging Case


Dec 6, 2012
Zen needs to make it as ugly as the Apple battery case before I will consider it. :D:p:cool:;)
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Mar 9, 2012
Should have made it smaller and more portable with two Apple Watch charges instead of four, IMO.
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