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Apr 12, 2001

Griffin today debuted its latest line of products at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, introducing a new set of smart home products that include a Connected Toaster, Connected Coffee Maker, Connected Mirror, PowerBlock Beacon, and PowerJolt Beacon.

The Connected Coffeemaker, priced at $99.99, is the first product in the new Griffin Home collection. It is a Bluetooth-enabled smart coffee maker that works with a companion smartphone app to create a brewed-to-order cup of coffee on demand. Available during Q2 2017, the Connected Coffee Maker makes up to 12 cups and has a timer and other smart features.

The Coffee Maker will be accompanied by the Connected Toaster, also priced at $99.99 and set to launch during the second quarter of 2017. The Connected Toaster is a two-slot toaster with digital temperature adjustment settings for bread type and darkness, with an app that remembers individual user preferences.


Griffin's most ambitious product in the Home collection appears to be the Connected Mirror, which will be available in late 2017 for $999.99. The Connected Mirror includes time, weather, and status messages from other Griffin Home products. Information is displayed at the sides of the mirror and can be customized with the companion app.


The PowerBlock Beacon and the PowerJolt Beacon, the final two products in the collection, are smart chargers designed to remind users to plug in and charge before they run out of power. Each charger features Bluetooth that connects to a smartphone or tablet and keeps track of power level. When a certain user-defined power threshold is reached, the charger will remind customers to plug in and charge their devices.

The PowerBlock Beacon, priced at $39.99, and the PowerJolt Beacon, priced at $29.99, will be available during the second quarter of 2017.

Griffin is also introducing a few new products for iOS devices, including a new Survivor Extreme for iPad mini 4 ($69.99), Survivor Journey Folios for the iPad ($39.99 for mini, $49.99 for Pro), and a Survivor Glass screen protector for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus ($39.99).

All of Griffin's new iPhone and iPad products will be available during the first quarter of 2017, with the exception of the Journey Folio, which is available now from the Griffin website.

Article Link: CES 2017: Griffin Unveils New 'Home' Collection With Smart Coffee Maker, Mirror, Toaster, and More


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Jul 18, 2009
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most expensive mirror of them all........

Answer: Griffin's $999.99 pointless mirror.

Which will probably break due to moisture and not have a mist free film over it yet I want one lol
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Oct 14, 2011
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the most expensive mirror of them all........

Answer: Griffin's $999.99 pointless mirror.

Which will probably break due to moisture and not have a mist free film over it yet I want one lol
Raspberry Pi powered magic mirror.


Jan 10, 2016
More DDOS boxes, oh boy!

Joking aside, these smart devices really have yet to convince me, and I really think many others as well, as to why they're really worth the extra tax over their "dumb" counterparts. Why would I spend so much more on a toaster that toasts bread when I tell it to do so on my phone? I still have to go over to it to put bread in it.

Same for the coffee machine. I have to be at home to fill it up with coffee to make a pot. Unless you'd put fresh coffee in it every time after using it, but then it'd just get stale.

Plus, these probably won't last very long anyway, as modern appliances just often don't last. Smart devices really need to replace all dumb devices on the market in order to actually get bought by people who don't care about gimmicks...
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Aug 9, 2012
Coming soon: an Apple iMirror with Siri for $2999.

Siri, who's the fairest one of all?

I'm sorry, what did you say?

Siri, who is the fairest one of all?

The hairiest breed of dog is the Komondor, also known as a Hungarian sheepdog. Here are the Komondor breeders in your area...


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Jun 2, 2010
I don't want a company that makes car chargers and other things of that sort also making the small appliances in my kitchen. Griffin is not in the small appliance business as their primary business, so they probably know very little about making a quality small appliance that consistently makes a good cup of coffee and doesn't periodically burn your toast. I don't care how "smart" the thing is. If the end result isn't consistently good, I won't want to use the product...whether it's "smart" or not.


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Jun 2, 2010
I missed the price tag on that mirror until just now -- $999. Holy cow! That's easily the most expensive thing Griffin makes. Given that their catalog of products up to this point have largely been chargers and other things for the car that sell for ~$50, I think think that mirror is Griffin's equivalent of the original Apple Watch Edition. I don't think they expect to sell more than a few dozen or hundred of those, at most (and that's probably being generous).


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Sep 21, 2005
Reject Beach
How did we get here?

Because many people do not believe in the adage of "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." At this point, I feel as if a lot of these I[di]oT devices are the result of companies: 1) trying to get you to re-buy what you already own and 2) throwing poo at the wall hoping something will stick. I don't like to overgeneralize, but it feels that the companies doing this are bereft of useful new products and/or ideas for existing products. We could make a reliable coffee maker that heats the water to the proper temperature to brew coffee...or we could take our existing POS maker, shove a computer in there, and make a companion app for it.

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Jan 9, 2008
Sunny, Southern California
What would be nice if the mirror was able to either be voice activated or if you could connect to say Amazon or Googles voice command devices and have it display the information that was requested.
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