CES 2018: Bose Wireless Headphones Getting 'Find My AirPods' Type Feature Through Tile Integration

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    Tile today announced a few new partnerships with companies that will integrate its Bluetooth item-tracking technology into consumer products, including Bose's existing line of SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 headphones. In addition to Bose, partnerships for the new "Tile Platform" also include Samsonite luggage, Boosted Boards, and Propeller Health's inhalers.

    The Bose partnership will begin in late spring 2018, when the SoundSport Wireless and QuietControl 30 will be sold with Tile's technology embedded inside. Users who already own these devices will be able to add Tile support through a firmware update so purchasing an entirely new pair of headphones won't be required (via TechCrunch).


    The headphone tracking feature will work just like Tile's previous Bluetooth trackers, so if you ever misplace the small wireless headphones you can "ring" them if they're nearby through Tile's iOS app. If they become truly lost, Tile's community of trackers will anonymously crowdsource location data of other Tile users to pinpoint the location of the last time the headphones were seen, and show the location on a map within the app. The update brings Bose's headphones in line with the similar "Find my AirPods" feature by Apple.

    The same idea will go for Samsonite's luggage, Propeller Health's connected inhalers, Boosted Boards, and Hershel's wallets, all of which confirmed Tile integration this week. Tile also announced an expansion to its technology ecosystem with access point partnerships that "increases the likelihood of finding lost items while reducing the time required to do so." Partners include Comcast, Ruckus Networks, and San Jose International Airport.

    Besides Bose, Samsonite will be the other launch partner to integrate with Tile beginning this spring, and others will launch later in the year.

    Article Link: CES 2018: Bose Wireless Headphones Getting 'Find My AirPods' Type Feature Through Tile Integration
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    I really hate seeing Tile succeed. It's business model is based on sheer waste. I understand they will recycle the dead unit, but if the unit had a replaceable battery it wouldn't need recycling after a year. It's the reason I went with Trackr. And Trackr replaces users batteries for free. Frankly I don't understand how they can afford that, but they have their business model. OTOH Tile charges users almost as much for a reTile as a brand new one. Hmmm.
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    Do you have to send the headphones in for new ones every year at an added cost? (I know, you don't).

    Tiles would be much more appealing if you could swap/charge the battery yourself. Their pay for a new one every year scam got old fast.
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    As someone with severe persistent asthma, I like the idea of this being added to inhalers.

    Question: For those who already own the Bose products and will be able to update using firmware — how would you make it “ring” if lost? Surely the compatible Bose products that we already own do not have that ringer mechanism in them, right? I mean I guess they could push the ring audio out of the buds, but I don’t think it would be very loud.

    I hope these won’t raise the prices of the compatible products that will have the tech already installed when they become available in the spring.
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    I was just thinking the other day that mobile phone manufacturers should integrate something like this for crowd sourced location even when a device is off. Would be very nice for those situation in which find my iPhone fails do to being powered down or battery dead. Tiles are very low power bluetooth and crowd source other users detecting one out and about in the wild.
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    New standards are interesting. I wonder how we got to standard aux input, etc.
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    I get it. Disposable tech with non-rechargeable/replaceable batteries would normally really bother me, but trackers are an edge case where it makes sense.
    Tile is simply a much better device. Better build quality, volume and much greater range. Waste is a non issue since they will recycle it. Sure they cost more over time, but superior products often do. On the plus side, replacing the device means it gets better each year. For the normal cost of ownership, I now have twice the volume and range vs last year. That is almost 4x the range of Trackr. If price were an issue, retiling to last years models (still superior to Trackr) are only $15, even less in multiples.
    I’m not sure I would want a replaceable battery even if they offered one. Sealing the body allows for a more sturdy and slimmer build.

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