CES 2019: Alpine Previews New CarPlay Receivers, One Features Oversized 9-Inch Hovering Screen

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. entropys macrumors 6502


    Jan 5, 2007
    Brisbane, Australia
    I think if you read it backwards, “ buy our non-wireless $800 carplay unit” becomes “hurry up and bend over,owner of an old and worthless car.”
  2. danmart macrumors 6502a


    Apr 24, 2015
    Lancs, UK
    Touch screens are a very poor choice in a vehicle of any kind, since you need to look at them to operate them. I would never buy a Tesla for this reason.

    My degree is in Ergonomics and it is definitely the case that vehicles are a different use-case than other kinds of systems, this is even recognised in law in the UK.

    I’m an Audi driver myself and my car has a jog wheel control that allows me to manipulate controls on the head unit by feel. Audi were the masters of this, with much better systems than BMW or Mercedes (who had touch interfaces almost exclusively). Unfortunately Audi seem to have lost the plot and their new cars have many touch-only functions. That is the cost of being a follower, not a leader.
  3. MacOH21 macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2018
    My SUV has the climate controls built into the touch screen, with no physical buttons. When the touch screen failed, guess what? Couldn’t control the AC or heat.

    $1200 later...

    Going forward, I’ll always have physical knobs if possible.
  4. one more macrumors 6502a

    one more

    Aug 6, 2015
    As the phone market matures, less and less people are willing to spend $1000 a year on a new phone, there is simply no need. The latest iOS runs just fine for day-to-day tasks for most people using A8-powered devices or higher. With CarPlay and Google Autos developing way faster than any other car solutions, why would anybody want to pay a $500 extra for a mere extra screen (with extra buttons) conveniently embedded into a dashboard? For the same amount of money you could get a cellular iPad Mini and just attach it to your car, getting a much more multi-functional and user-friendly device.

    The way I see it, the mainstream car manufacturers will never quite catch-up to Apple, Google or Microsoft, so they might as well all agree on a universal panel/screen standard to be included into every new car and compatible with Apple, Google, etc. offerings. A really good quality screen panel might cost them around a $70-100, which is, indeed, very little, compared to the overall cost of a car. Now this would be neat!
  5. ArtOfWarfare macrumors G3


    Nov 26, 2007
    Buy a car where you don't need to keep your eyes on the road.

    Pretty sure lane keeping isn't even a particularly special thing anymore, is it? Tesla has offered it for 5 years, Nissan and Chevy have both had it for two years... I imagine plenty of other brands have it since Nissan and Chevy aren't exactly known for being at the leading edge...
  6. vipergts2207 macrumors 68000


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    Yeah, that way when it malfunctions, you can kill someone. Pretty sure having a Tesla or any other self-driving car doesn't protect you from distracted driving laws, nor absolve you of responsibility in case of an 'accident.'

  7. macduke macrumors G3


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    I don't understand how a company can put out a non-wireless CarPlay unit in 2019 for that much money when there are wireless versions that also cost that much and wired versions that are only a few hundred bucks.

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