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Apr 12, 2001

Home security company ADT today announced a new range of smart home products with forthcoming HomeKit support, including an indoor camera, outdoor camera, video doorbell, and Wi-Fi range extender that doubles as a doorbell chime. All are part of the new Blue by ADT brand, known as LifeShield until now.

ADT's doorbell features 1080p video recording, a 180-degree field of view, night vision, custom motion detection zones, two-way talk, a water-resistant design, and more. The biggest feature of all will be HomeKit support, as there are currently only a few video doorbells that support Apple's smart home platform.

From left to right: outdoor camera, video doorbell, and indoor camera

HomeKit support will allow users to receive an instant notification when someone rings the doorbell, leading to a live video stream in the Home app when tapped. HomeKit also means Siri support for controlling the doorbell with voice commands. Unfortunately, ADT will not be adding HomeKit or Google Assistant support to the doorbell until the second quarter of 2020, according to The Verge.

ADT's indoor and outdoor security cameras offer many of the same features as the doorbell, including 1080p video recording and two-way talk, but they have a slightly smaller 130-degree field of view.

All four products are available to pre-order starting today and will begin shipping before the end of January. The cameras and doorbell are priced at $199.99 each, while the Wi-Fi extender runs $49.99.

ADT says additional security system components, including a base, keypad, and sensors, will launch in spring 2020.

Article Link: CES 2020: ADT Introduces New Video Doorbell and Security Cameras, HomeKit Support Coming Next Quarter


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May 29, 2014
What doorbell cams offer HomeKit support? Ideally with HomeKit secure video.

Meh you actually probably do not want HomeKit Secure Video. I did upgrade my Logitech Circle 2 to Secure Video and begged Logitech to downgrade it because it really sucks.
Some issues include:
- Motion Sensor too sensitive, flagging change in light as movement;
- No ability to force HomeKit to keep recording let's say, 2 minutes after movement is detected (which can be useful record audio even if someone is no longer in the field of view of the camera)
- HomePod/Apple TV too slow to process movements: Logi Cloud is able to append the few seconds before the movement whereas HomeKit Secure Video often lags and only record a fee seconds after the movement has started.
Most of those issues come from the fact that HSV only sends to cloud movements after they've been processed whereas Logi Cloud sends everything up, and then discards what's not a movement.


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Dec 8, 2007

Morning sleepy head, my HomeKit light switches, thermostat, light bulbs, cameras and power outlets say hi.

What doorbell cams offer HomeKit support? Ideally with HomeKit secure video.

I use Logitech Circle 2. Didn't buy them for HSV, but was a nice bonus to see it supported early as a Beta. Only switched one camera to test out.

Mostly solid experience for general home security, much prefer the HomeKit app to the Logitech one. However there are a couple of features lacking - Motion Zones and and field of view adjustment are 2 I've wanted before I convert my other 2 cameras. However the person/vehicle/animal detection has been pretty good so I may just bite the bullet and convert the others.


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Jul 25, 2008
Morning sleepy head, my HomeKit light switches, thermostat, light bulbs, cameras and power outlets say hi.
I was referring to companies that 'promise' Homekit devices, not HomeKit in general. sorry for the confusion.

My Switches, Thermostat, lightbulbs, Cameras and Power Outlets say hi back :)
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