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Apr 12, 2001

Kohler and Moen introduced new smart home products at CES this year, including showerheads, smart speakers, water purification systems, faucets, shower systems, and more.


Both Kohler and Moen announced connected shower products, like Kohler's Moxie showerhead + smart speaker and Moen's latest U by Moen Smart Shower. With these upgrades to your shower, you can start the shower from your smartphone and in Moen's case, even use Siri to adjust settings like temperature.

Other popular products at CES this year include smart faucets, which let you initiate water flow by either waving your hand or talking to the faucet. Kohler's Touchless Toilet introduces a similar idea, letting you flush the toilet by waving your hand near the lever. Check out all of the announcements below.

Kohler's announcements:

  • Moxie showerhead + smart speaker - A combination of a Kohler showerhead with a Harman Kardon smart speaker, that lets you listen to music and talk to a built-in voice assistant while you shower.
  • Aquifer Refine water purification system - Eliminate harmful contaminants from your kitchen water with a system that features Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor usage and leak detection.
  • Setra touchless kitchen faucet - A faucet with touchless on/off operation that uses motion control and a voice assistant to activate the faucet.
  • DTV Mode digital shower system - Create customized bath presets, adjust temperature, and remotely start your shower from a connected app.
  • Touchless Toilet - Kohler's new toilet offers touchless flushing through an integrated sensor.
Moen's announcements:

  • Moen Network - Moen is expanding its smart ecosystem across a full line of smart home products, including kitchen and bath fixtures, after first only being available in the U by Moen Smart Shower.
  • Smart Faucet - Take advantage of smart features like precise measurements, exact temperatures, and unlimited personalized presets, with voice activation controls.
  • Smart Water Detector - Detect and prevent leaks, monitor water usage, and more using a small device that connects to Moen's smartphone app.
  • Smart Shower - The next generation Moen Smart Shower features mobile connectivity, 12 customized presets, and the ability to control the shower from your smartphone or through Siri.
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Article Link: CES 2020: Kohler and Moen Announce Connected Shower Products, Touchless Toilet, and More


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Sep 21, 2017
Pffht! Touch-free toilets been around since the first guy dug a hole in the ground.
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Jan 29, 2003
>Smart Water Detector - Detect and prevent leaks,

That part might be useful. Touchless, sure, but they've been around for a while.

As for the rest, perhaps I am just not appreciating much of the benefits.


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Sep 21, 2017
>Smart Water Detector - Detect and prevent leaks,

That part might be useful. Touchless, sure, but they've been around for a while.

As for the rest, perhaps I am just not appreciating much of the benefits.

Just like the iPhone, they need to create an incentive to get people to upgrade & pay more.


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Jun 27, 2007
I do not want Alexa in my shower. I already have a woman in my shower.

I might be interested in the leak detector, though. I've seen other companies that offer this, so I'm hoping as more companies compete the prices will come down. Having an automatic shutoff valve could save tons of money and countless irreplaceable items if something like a washer hose were to burst or a pipe in the winter while traveling. Currently I always shut off my water when traveling and replace my washer hoses every five years with reinforced ones but it's still a concern. One time I happened to be in my bathroom when suddenly my toilet started leaking from where the pipe connects to the tank. If I hadn't been in the room who knows how long it would have gone. After that I wrapped all of my toilet's threads and tightened them.


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Aug 10, 2007
I'm a rolling stone.
What a crap toilet, is it 1990....

I have this one...

Grohe Sensia with in wall reservoir and automatic flushing.
Works with an App on an iPhone/Android and a remote as well as local buttons.



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May 20, 2011
I’m just not ready for smart toilets yet, I’m pretty content with my current setup.

The problem with smart bathrooms is lack of thought into their products.

I want to say “I’m awake, my shower light turns on and 3 minutes later the water starts to set its temperature and music starts playing on my Sonos One SL.

If it’s cold, I want my heated floor to turn on and my heat lamp.

I also want my toilet lid to open when I approach and flush when I’m done.

my shower should have the perfect amount of soap applied to me and rinsed by 17 water jets.

When I step out, I want a ceiling mounted blower to dry the **** out of my skin followed by moisturizing spray.

I don’t want to do **** myself when I walk in and out. Until then, kohler and everyone else can suck it
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May 30, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I’m just not ready for smart toilets yet, I’m pretty content with my current setup.

if it’s smart enough and able to get rid of clogs where 20mins if plunging is necessary - I’m so damn ready for this! Like last week!

What could possibly go wrong? No one would even consider pranking me during a shower.

imagine, in 2020 people can be Rick-Rolled in the shower!! ROFLMAO there goes a good day!

Hey Siri, flush!

hey Siri flush and unclog the toilet please because this chick took a huge load leaving me without a working toilet for 2 days! (No joke this happened to me just last week! I’m done with THICC chicks! I’m so
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