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Apr 12, 2001

French accessory maker Netatmo has announced an Apple HomeKit compatible Smart Door Lock that uses physical NFC Smart Keys.


The Netatmo Smart Door Lock comes with three pre-paired keys that are inserted into the lock and rotated to unlock deadbolt the mechanism in the usual way, but they can also be re-coded to work with different locks as well as deactivated if lost using the Netatmo Security app.

Notably from a security perspective, the lock and keys use Bluetooth and NFC exclusively, so the system isn't connected to the internet, and access authorizations and identification data for each key are stored locally:
The Door Lock works via Bluetooth so is not connected to the internet. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to interact with the Smart Keys, which are tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate. If the Keys are lost or stolen, access to the house is still secure: the users deactivate them in real time with one click on their smartphone, without having to change the whole Door Lock.
In the same fashion, additional NFC keys can be added to work with the lock, and a single key can be configured to unlock multiple Netatmo Smart Door Locks in the same home.


Each door lock uses four AAA batteries and offers a two-year battery life. If the user ignores the multiple low-power warnings in the app and the batteries do run out, there's also a micro-USB port on the lock to provide temporary power.

For those wondering about the HomeKit element to all this, lock users can create customized scenes to connect their Smart Door Lock to other smart devices in their home. For example, when they open the front door, they might decide that all the lights in the house should be switched on.

The Smart Door Lock and Keys launches in Europe at the end of 2020. Netatmo says no subscription is required, but it has yet to confirm a price for the kit, and we're still waiting to confirm if there are any concrete plans for a U.S. release. Watch this space.

Article Link: CES 2020: Netatmo Announces HomeKit-Compatible NFC Smart Door Lock and Keys
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Mar 5, 2018
I personally think this is a stupid product. If I can’t automate the locking/unlocking of the door, then it’s not smart enough. It’s still a “dumb” lock, it’s just more secure.


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Jul 25, 2008
So what's the "Homekit" part about if it needs physical keys?? Also If the Natatmo Door bell is anything to go by, This won't be released anytime soon. The end of 2020 is very unlikely.


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Sep 24, 2009
I don’t get it, it’s not HomeKit, I can’t control it - it’s just a normal lock and key with batteries that run out after 2 years. Really dumb. Who would buy this....


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May 13, 2010
Washington, DC
I don't see anything that says it can't unlock or lock via Homekit - just not directly via the Internet.

EDIT: Yeah, The Verge confirmed there is no motorized mechanism to unlock the door at all.


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Jul 22, 2016
Portland, OR
This is one of those things that's easy to make fun of at first glance, but I think it's actually a really good idea. First of all, you aren't required to use the keys to open the lock, you can use a smartphone connected over bluetooth to unlock it and then it just turns like a knob. The keys are just a simple way of controlling access since you can control which keys work in a given lock using the smartphone app. This would be great for landlords or office managers, or for anyone who wants to leave a house key with a family member or neighbor for emergencies but limit when it can be used. I think this is really elegant.

Honestly, the last thing I ever want on my house is some internet-connected "smart" lock/hacking target that requires wifi, rechargable batteries, and probably a monthly subscription. Hard pass.


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Apr 1, 2008
Last year they announced the smart doorbell and still waiting to go on sale ... So are these planned to ship in 2022 or never ?


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Jul 4, 2004
I personally think this is a stupid product. If I can’t automate the locking/unlocking of the door, then it’s not smart enough. It’s still a “dumb” lock, it’s just more secure.
The way it works is that a person needs to turn the knob to unlock the door. The “smart part” is that the lock engages/disengages the knob from the lock mechanism. So if you are not authenticated then the knob would turn without unlocking the door. You can use a NFC key, App or HomeKit to unlock the door.

Other smart locks use a motor to physically turn the lock mechanism which drains the battery.

The other thing to note is that the lock is meant for Eurolock cylinder doors, which lock automatically when you close the door. So probably won’t be available outside the EU.

I think it is quite clever, I just wish they improved the look of the knob... the knurling is a bit cheap looking.


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Jun 13, 2020
Nice technological solution though. I guess I'll replace my brass lever lock I use now with this one day. The more attention we pay to the privacy issues - the more quality our life becomes.
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