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Apr 12, 2001

OtterBox today announced the upcoming launch of OtterGrip Symmetry Series cases, which offer both MagSafe compatibility and an included grip that doesn't need to be removed for charging.


The OtterGrip cases have an integrated grip that is designed to sit flush with the back of the case when not in use, which allows the case to work with MagSafe charging accessories. With many grip cases and grip accessories like the PopSocket, the grip component does not work with MagSafe because of the thickness, and it needs to be removed when charging.


OtterBox's pop-out grip is made from a soft touch material that fits over the fingers, allowing for a secure grasp on the phone. The case offers OtterBox's 3x MIL STD drop protection, and the built-in grip is able to rotate 360 degrees.

The OtterGrip Symmetry Series cases will be priced at $60, and can be purchased in February 2023.

Article Link: CES 2023: OtterBox Debuts iPhone Case With Built-In Grip and MagSafe Support


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Jun 9, 2021
If your phone need a grip you've failed

Steve Jobs (probably)

This is why I don’t want them to make anything unique to the Pro Max (Ultra?) that is not directly related to size.

I had the Pro Max and switched to the regular Pro which is just the right size and already too heavy.


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Feb 15, 2021
It looks like they put the magnetic ring around the outside of the grip so that magsafe will work. That's a pretty good innovation, but the location is not low enough for me. It looks like fingers will occasionally get in the way of the camera, and from my experience it's easier to hold the phone with two fingers around the outside of a central stub (popsocket) than from within a loop. I assume that loop can easily rotate? I can't tell from the video on their website.
I'm stuck with the clip-on popsocket for now, but at least I can adjust it vertically. I kind of regret buying into the whole magsafe idea since all of the devices I've bought suffer from different design compromises.


Sep 11, 2014
Clever. I use a ring attachment on a clear case to help me hold my 14 Pro Max. I’d be interested in these cases, but they’re too expensive. I’ll stick to my current solution for now.


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Jan 14, 2013
These cases are all too bulky...
I was browsing for some Rhinoshield cases and found some gorgeous designs, but the cases themselves (even the slimmest models) are just too damn bulky...

My iPhone 13's silicon case might be very boring, but I like the fact it adds very little volume to the phone and the material is quite good to feel.
I just wished they featured more creative designs.
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Dec 18, 2012
This grip just demonstrates the main issue with phones these days - they're too big.


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Apr 19, 2010
Fort Wayne, IN
This grip just demonstrates the main issue with phones these days - they're too big.
I find these comments to be short-sighted. For me, I find the larger phone MUCH preferred over the smaller phones. I can type faster with fewer mistakes, I can see more detail in photos and video without zooming. I find it better for facetime and Zoom for work. I totally understand that some people may prioritize a smaller size for their use, but I'm exactly the opposite. The Pro Max is still easily portable for me. It still fits in a pocket, but gives me more screen real estate. There is no right/wrong or good/bad when it comes to phone size. There is simply 'I prefer...'

Now the design of the case leaves a bit to be desired, IMO, but I do like the functionality. I will probably give one a shot at some point. The thing that I've never liked about the pop socket is the fact that it has to stick out the back. I would guess more similar designs will be brought forth in short order once people see this.

Kudos to Otter for thinking outside the box.


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Nov 1, 2017
No picture of the front, to show me how well it protects the screen. I'd also like to see an estimate of the price. A Defender case with this would be nice.


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Sep 14, 2021
Lafayette, IN
Clever. I've never been a fan of pop sockets because of the big ol bump.
I also think it's a sign phones are too big if you need an apparatus to help you hold it. That's just me.
I recently swapped from Popsockets MagSafe mount to the OhSnap 3.0 (Snap 3 Pro). I've been using it for a month. it's great!
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