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    Ok guys I see a lot of people out there asking if anyone knows a good skin that covers the "chamfered edge" on the iphone 5. So a while ago I came across a company called Digiskins from singapore. I just randomly stumbled across some of their sample vids on youtube before the companys launch and I was intrigued with the "Chamfered proctection". I decided to give them a try and let you guys know my opinions on it. Im doing this review so you guys dont need to spend hours online searching for a good option like how I did im doing it for you, not for my benefit I am not getting paid or sponsored by these guys... this is my first review EVER so please dont bash me...

    Price - These guys are kinda expensive if you ask me. Some skins running up to about $40 if you get the "brushed metal series" The other "translucent" skins usually come with 2 sets and are about $30 I think. The shipping seems to be flate rate for US customers being about $10 with signature confirmation (which I think they should stop doing. I hate having to be home to sign for a package)

    Ease of installation - I give this a 3 out of 10. These things are VERY DIFFICULT to install. On average to get the entire back and the sides and chamfered covered perfectly it took me more than an hour sometimes... VERY frustrating.

    Fit- Ok fit is about an 8 out of 10 right now. YES it does cover the Chamfered edge. BUT while installing the skin I found that the camera hole cutouts and the mic and lightining connector cutouts were a bit off. Forcing me to stretch the skin a bit to make it fit properly. Yes the skins do stretch but they are not easy to rip but it will stretch.

    Looks- I give these a 7 out of 10. Personally I like the carbon fiber skins from icarbons and other sites just because im a fan of carbon fiber. The translucent grey color is the closest to a naked black iphone but the downfall is that if you get any dirt under it you can see it bubbling because these skins are THIN, they are the thinnest skins out there (I think) which also leads to air bubbles if you're not careful. Other colors like the "crystal series" are way too girly for me because of all that damn glitter in the skins. The brushed metal series are prob my favorite so far but be warned they are a bit thicker than the others so you will notice it on the phone. The wood series looks nice but I never bothered to order one so I wouldnt know anything about them.

    Durability- Ive had these skins on my phone for about a week now and so far they are sticking on nicely. The Chamfered edges are still protected and not peeling up at all. The ony parts I have noticed to start coming undone is the parts of the skin that I have stretched out too far and have overlapped each other. Im guessing the skins dont stick on itself very well. The manufacture claims these are pressure activated adhesive and from what ive seen its true. Just press firmly on all parts of the skin and it will set and stay there.

    Do I think these are worth the money? Yes (for me personally) purely for the fact that they are the only skin on the market right now to have complete 100% coverage. Others may disagree because of the fact that the skins require you to have to stretch them in order to fit properly. Honestly im not sure if it was my fault on poor installation or if it was due to the skins not being cut properly. If you are not the patient type or lack a steady hand these skins are NOT for you. If you think you can handle about an hour of headaches and cramped hands or if you just want your precious iphone to be in mint condition then these skins are for you. You decide... Below are some pictures to help you out. Note that on the side skins I was using the Translucent Grey and on the back piece I am using the brushed metal.


    in this picture you can see that there is some bubbling effect on the chamfered edge. not really noticeable unless you look hard. this only happened on some of the corners not all.


    on this corner you can see a very clean install. No bubbling.


    This picture shows the cutouts on the bottom. Slightly off but not a big deal. Again it could just be my crappy install.


    Here is an overal shot of the covered chamfered edge. You really cant even notice its covered unless you look hard.


    The Skin on the left is without the chamfered edge protection and the skin on the right is the one with chamfered edge protection. The one on the left came with a separate set of stickers that are supposed to be used to protect the chamfer edge. I never bothered yet since they are so tiny and look like it would give me hell.

    Well thats it guys. Again sorry for the poor review. dont flame me please.
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    Jul 28, 2011
    cool i didn't knew there were skins like that. thanks for the heads up!
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    Did you get the brushed metal series? The back piece looks like you did, but the sides just look like electrical tape.

    I got a set as well from Digiskin, and I will be posting a review soon. Overall the fit is excellent (better than what you showed) but not perfect (still a few gaps).

    I'll be posting soon with some detailed pics.

    OP: can you post closeup pics of the back piece close to the bottom edges? I have a slight gap there.

    Also: I don't think you are supposed to be stretching the material. Did they tell you to? Mine fit fine without any stretching.

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