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Apr 30, 2014
My current Apple ID is also my email address which is my name similar to this example: I want to change my Apple ID to something less connected to me (example: BUT still keep as an iCloud alias.

Can this be done? Will I lose my Apple Music? Pics and files saved in iCloud? Is anyone notified once this is changed via automated text or email msg?


Sep 21, 2012
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I have two main Apple IDs (although I have more lol ). One I use mainly for app purchases, movies and tv shows and the other is my main Apple ID used primarily to log into my devices. You could do the same kind of thing. You could set up family sharing so that you could share the purchases and subs with your current Apple ID to the one you want to create. You can’t use your current ID as an alias for the new ID.
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Apr 11, 2018
I seeking an advice for the problem I have with our two different Apple ID's.

I try to explain it.

I have Apple ID for my personal use that has email address from third party ( but I'm switching my ISP soon and will lose that email. So I would now like to take email and associate it to my current Apple ID so that I will not lose anything. But email address I want to use is associated to our shared living room iPad and Apple TV all my family uses. I was stupid back in the day when I set up family shared Apple ID and used email for it. So what I want to do is to change family shared Apple ID email from to and then change to to my personal Apple ID's email.

Is there any sensible way to do that without losing any purchases or settings? Preferably it should not cause any changes to either of Apple ID's.
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